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Delia Darling Apr 2020
helios kissed his sizzled skin as
phidias chizelled his chinny-chin
a smolder blessed by the devil, easing
a steazy haze and happy glaze
right in the sparkle of his eye
ooh me, what a coo-coo—i swoon!
boy you got me here
writing poetry too soon
Delia Darling Feb 2019
Can’t stop making bad decisions
Just puke all my thinking words and then
Roll into myself like a pollie
Delia Darling Feb 2019
the things you believe in your heart
that‘d make you whole

& you have to break it yourself
control the damage
before someone else does it for you
Delia Darling Dec 2018
Up and on my feet
Falling, thrill of the initial fall
To catch the ride
Colliding currents crash waves
Into mental deadlock days
Winter swells come at shore break
Building momentum and grind
Like breaks at homesick Pipeline
Ride, curl and slide
Sweep the sides
Don’t choke this good vibe
Stay on this wave
Delia Darling Oct 2018
Those times—when the world is burning
I’ll light my cigarette on it
and watch it go
let it be.
  Sep 2018 Delia Darling
What if it rained daisies today?
And no one got wet
and nothing washed away?

What if the sun shone bright
as daisies flew?

What if the breeze blew
soft daisies like spinners
in the wind?

Would we all be happy then?
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