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ever standing
body lithe, strong
trained to strike

too dashing for peeling paint
old verandas
slow-paced hamlet

waiting in country town
place to whizz past
road to tourist hub

how does his tale read
did he pay
for assault

struck the frame
holder of *****
spawning breath

cold fury
for scenes of his mother
thrown down

stain his every stance
grabbing mail swiftly
ahead of arrival

panther muscles
no more the crouching lad

her screams
bounce off walls
as mother's body slumps

broken bottle scars
left to clean up the mess
as he leaves for school
forage into
fictional possibility -
with deep respect
for David
of village
post office
writerReader Aug 2018
It is time to do something
I am ready to begin
My life is not a race
It is a slow and lovely stroll
I can do this now
I know I can
I am ready to take the keys
I am ready to take the wheel.
When I'm happy, I'm extremely so
I forget my pains and feel as though
The world is not the same
The clouds part and the sun shines
Forgetting my worries my life's good
I want to be this way all the time

When I'm sad, I'm abysmally so
My mind cracks with bright light
A pain so deep it takes my sight
The world darkens and reality loses
A battle of good and evil in my head
It's times like this I wish I was better

Happy or sad I'll own my thoughts
They are mine and life's too short
Happy or sad I'll pen my thoughts
They are mine and they are heavy
I hope to understand them someday
Perhaps someday when I am ready
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Before huge blizzards happen ,                                                                                         There must be complete readiness                                                                                       From those emergency crews just                                                                                                            To clear streets fully to us anytime ...                                                                                                                                                   The crews' wonderful readiness is                                                                                     Something great and fabulous ......                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Salt's piles must be available just                                                                                       To get it spread on the grounds .......                                                                                         If those emergency's crews are not                                                                                           Ready,then it's better not to come                                                                                      Simply because readiness must be                                                                                       Fully without any hesitations anytime ...                                                                                There are a few blizzards extending                                                                                   Global and all emergency's crews                                                                                                        Must be prepared here and there .....

— The End —