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Anna Nov 2020
The soul is full of criteria, mysteries
And your eyes,
Your eyes are undertow,
Drawning me in.
Laura May 2020
It’s astrology.
Read the stars
in my eyes
Hand me the key
And I’ll chain my own wrists
Slipping in and out
Of our own lives
Like shadows.
I can’t breathe underwater.

In the darkness
I reflect the sky
In the midst of this war
I’m sacrificial
It’s written on my face
And the palms of my hands
My fortune
The belief I will save you

My eyes are tired
But you can see me
Dreaming your dreams,
Drifting in the undertow.
Everything has changed.
I’ll drown under these grey skies
A kiss of life
Under the weight of the world
Poetic minds are islands often found
In common reaches of the status quo
And in remote and deeper waters
Of vox humana in muted undertow.

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
May the voice of the human always be heard above the noise of the human!
Mysidian Bard Oct 2016
While the heavens wept
I gasped for air beneath the
Waters where I lay
i’d like to be out in the sea
i’d be on a wave
jumping over top
waiting for the crash
avoiding the undertow
i’d doing like i did as a kid
i’d soak up the sun
and play in the sand
just enjoying
the ocean breeze
and the ocean view
Lexical Gap Apr 2015
it's strange
to see a river spring into being
violently churning
but without sound
to see sticks and even trees swept away down its length
but not feel its current's tugging pull

you wonder whether the river is real
or nothing but an imagined torrent

but the waves lapping at your feet cannot lie
Shelly Woods Oct 2014
First the sun
Warm and gold
Then the wind
Swift and bold
Of all that I know
Little I remember; little I behold

Fearing it is my last... I gasp for breath.

A scent like no other
Fills my emptied soul
Memories flood into me
Like a perilous undertow
A wave catches me
And carries my soul

I am full again.

Wonder pulsates through my veins
Living is no longer in vain
Blood warms my extremities
Chasing fond memories
Once again, I begin
For the moment, I am

I see... I breathe... I believe.

For the moment, no end
To stop me
No fear to paralyze
No wounds to hide
A moment of peaceful bliss
All tears subside

I will let this wave carry me.

I don't fight the current
I let it take me
where it wants
Not out of bravery
But from my addiction
To wonder... and clarity
maggie W Jun 2014
If I met you 20 years ago
I would not even lay my eyes on you
But I could
Picture the younger you with me
I frown on
Your 80's acid shirt, Kenny G hair
But I can still trace the image of you between your brows
Unswerving eyes and lips
If I met you 20 years ago
You would had fallen for me
I am so sure, because your eyes tell me

— The End —