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Puck 4d
The only thing that makes me cry is the time that’s passing by.
Puck Mar 11
I did not know I had a heart until you broke it
Puck Jan 26
I want to tell you how I feel
About what you really mean to me
But they told me love can tear you apart
And I’m not brave enough for that
Puck Jan 25
It was an ugly face you turned on me
It was a heartbreak in secrecy...
Puck Dec 2020
Maybe it’s because I want to tell you so much that my mind always draws blank when life gives us a chance to speak. Funny how those things work.
Puck Nov 2020
I knew it because I was sure and I was sure because I knew it
Puck Nov 2020
The tide hit her forever unexpected
Loss and love took equal turns
The waves had always been a hard thing to face
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