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Puck 1d
Clouds often make me wonder if I could suddenly disappear too
Puck May 2
Your blood red dress
Twirling in eights

Like an age old contest
My heart still waits

Though not mine to possess
My bloodshot eyes will follow you

Till the night is just a blur
Stuck forever in this slur
  Mar 17 Puck
Diya soni
My forest is dark
The trees are sad
And all the butterflies have broken wings
Puck Mar 16
I threw myself into the deep. Little did I know it would scar me, climbing out.
Puck Mar 2
the love in him it cries for you
yet you left him bare and blue

so he starts to build his walls
not capable to take another fall

slowly stones replace his loving heart
and i’ll indefinitely hate you for that
Puck Feb 27
With bare hands
And nothing to lose
Into the air
I built a tower for two

Only lately it has just been me
My head it hurts
Where have you been?
Puck Feb 27
lately the smoke in my head has been getting cloudier

i’m afraid i can’t keep up either
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