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Patricia M Aug 3
When I was a child I always dream about paradise.
Where dreams come true,
everything you touch blooms,
and where the word trouble ceased to exist;
but that was a dream of the child.
A child full of happiness.
A child that hasn't been tainted.
A child...let's say innocent and sweet.
But things change, Oh how they change!
everything and everyone I knew
didn't think that it was strange
So now as I lay in bed
With things popping into my head
All of it about the place I once dreamt
That always makes me see red
With Another sleepless night
That I've spent in the labyrinth I hide
The hidden dystopia, that's forever inside my mind;
When I realized that the perfect world that I hoped for is nothing but a broken dream,
experienced by the child that was once innocent and sweet.
A child I once used to be
But know I have heard the truth
That made my world ******* painful
A world that has darkness in every corner
Intoxicating you as you grow older.
I wish I could be alright.
But the mind says otherwise.
I'm Out of sanity.
Bounded by calamity.
And if people are asking if I'm fine,
I say yes and fake a smile.
AaWhy can't they hear my plea?
Are they deaf and too blind to see?
This really is just a mash up of my 4 of my poems
Patricia M Jul 31
Pagibig, kamusta?
Ang tagal na natin hindi naguusap,
sana okay ka lang at hindi nagdurusa.
Papayag ka bang makipagkita?
O nasaktan ka na ba ng sobra at hindi mo na kaya.
Alam ko may pangako tayo sa isa't isa,
at binalewala ko lang na parang basura!
Patawarin mo ako at binitwan kita.
Pero sa isang pagkakataon muli pwede ba tayong magkita?
Kaya sa oras na ito,
Ang tanong ko lang sa iyo ay kamusta?
Alam ko ako ang may kasalanan nitong lahat!
Pero aking sinta kailangan ko lng malaman okay ka pa ba na tayong maging dalawa?
Meron ba akong second chance na makukuha?
O ayaw mo na dahil hindi mo na kaya.
Kaya pagibig kamusta?
Sana okay ka lang at hindi nagdurusa...
Its the first time i wrote in a different language
Patricia M Mar 10
Truth-filled words,
in a painful world.
Through a dark path we were lured;
making me wish to be free as a bird.

And now as the words fill my head
with its intoxicating darkness
that makes me see red,
in the moment of loneliness.

downtrodden with the feeling of worthlessness
had the audacity to be darkness
the darkness that has forever been inside
the person behind every act of misery that can never be forgotten
just something I needed to get out of my mind.
Patricia M Jan 20
Another sleepless night,
spent in the labyrinth of the dystopia I hide.
eating away the innocence that I have left inside;
and its leaving the feeling of hopelessness on its flight.

nights that is filed with thoughts,
thought that are about death.
keeping me up all night
on days that I don't need it the most.

it's endless;
it won't stop,
i can see light.
but can't seem to reach it.

help! help! i cry out in plea.
but no one notices .
its the reality of which they do not want to see;
and its all because they want to live in a place called paradise.

a place called paradise...
where everything is perfect,
where you do not need to feel troubled,
a place where I want to be.
Patricia M Nov 2018
Compared to her, I am in the losing fight,
But I will be dreaming about you at night;
on how I would treat you right.
If I was the one at your side.

A fate that I'm not ready to meet,
Terrified to greet,
One that will put me through pain,
And the one that will make me go insane.

Is the fate that I will begrudgingly accept,
For I was to blind to see,
what has been standing in front of me;
and now its to late.

Because I have always thought of you as a friend;
one that will be with me till the very end.
Now that I realize I'm losing you,
I just hope that the love you find is true.
Patricia M Nov 2018
In every glance I stole
My heart simply glows
Cause in front of me is a woman who I love the most
In a world that is filled with lies and foes

Seeing you with another utterly breaks me
Filling me up with anger and jealousy
I know you think that this is strange
But I think its time to accept this change

So here I am in confesing my love thee
Hoping you will take it seriously
I am promising to love you with all of my heart
And all that I'm asking is for you not to tear me apart

It may sound selfish,
But it is my only wish
For my soul will be broken
If I am not the one you have chosen
Patricia M Nov 2018
As I lay on my bed,
things pop in my head,
all of it about death,
making me see red.

The hidden dystopia,
that's inside my mind;
its dark and gruesom,
everything....not right.

Wishing to be alright.
But the mind says otherwise.
Out of sanity,
Bound by calamity.

People asking if I'm fine,
I say yes and fake a smile.
Why can't they hear my plea?
Are they deaf and too blind to see?
Just something going in my mind
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