Patricia M Nov 2018
As I lay on my bed,
things pop in my head,
all of it about death,
making me see red.

The hidden dystopia,
that's inside my mind;
its dark and gruesom,
everything....not right.

Wishing to be alright.
But the mind says otherwise.
Out of sanity,
Bound by calamity.

People asking if I'm fine,
I say yes and fake a smile.
Why can't they hear my plea?
Are they deaf and too blind to see?
Just something going in my mind
Patricia M Oct 2018
He who walk with my throng.
Must prove that they belong,
cause once you have fallen from my grace.
You will soon know how it feels like to be replaced.

If you don't want me to be your end,
Then don't be ****** and become my friend.
So be careful of who you betray,
cause I can lead your life astray.

Started a war with an apple,
Just because of a forgotten invitation.
that lead to the destruction of people,
A day that is full of sorrow

I am Eris,
Daughter of night,
sister of war.
The goddess of Chaos, strife and discord,
Patricia M Oct 2018
Here I am standing,
Waiting for my food that has yet to come.
Dying from starvation.
Hoping for salvation.
hahahahaha just for fun when my food took too long
Patricia M Oct 2018
Time passes by
But my love for thee never change
From the very first time
You stole my heart
To the last time we spoke

I wish I could be there with you
Living the life that we want
life filled with love
Like we have always dreamed off

The fire in my soul flickers
Yearning that we two will be together.
Tis the bliss of this dream
That keeps me standing everyday
Thank you for helping me out with this poem friend.
Patricia M Oct 2018
It's crazy;
going insane.
To much in my head.
I need to get it all out.

Please help me.
I need somebody.
Can't stop thinking.
I'm falling in love.

To much at once,
Please slow down!
For my sake,
I need you to say that you love me.

But alas you never did...
Now I'm just bits and pieces
of the heart you once hold,
broken like never before.
To those who has been broken and never got back up again.
Patricia M Oct 2018
Words that hurt,
are laying within the curb.
Being sprouted by those who are *******,
who are nothing but shrewd

The scoundrel of words;
the one that makes life full of cowards,
fake mockingbirds,
and sorrowful drunkards

It's a misdemeanor;
when false hope is given,
that is forever hidden;
And is taken to the grave of the teller.
Patricia M Oct 2018
I'm freaking out.
I'm in doubt.
listening to the things you sprout
making things go to another route.

Please stop hurting me.
I can't handle it anymore
I'm dying inside where no one can see,
and yet I still consider you my savior.

Walking beside me is a friend;
one that I thought would last till the end,
could've sworn she was true,
but that all change when things were through.
Dedicate to the people that have betrayed me in the past...
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