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Katie May 2022
The day has been stressful,
And my head feels overfull.

This blank page before me taunts me,
I can't seem to work thoughts free.

Alas, I'll write of this woe instead,
Begone dark thoughts within my head!
I don’t know my right from my left,
And tomorrow is the first day
Of the rest of my life
Is what everyone tells me.

Are they living in a separate reality than I?
Or are they all just pretending
That the sky isn’t overcast,
And the sun shines brightly?

My heart has a migraine,
And it’s been this way since yesterday:
The last day of the beginning
Of my life.

The forecast tells that the weather
Will remain unchanging
Until I finally get out of bed,
But I can’t bear to see another wasted day.

My heart has a migraine,
And now I might know my right from my left,
But time remains restless,
While I continue letting drain the hourglass—

Will I ever get out of bed?
26 lines, 256 days left.
Aphasia Jan 2021
It hurts
The pain echoes through my skull
Bouncing around like a ****** rubber ball
I want to feel better
I want to feel normal
And all the regular things from yesterday
Feel so, so far away
Like nothing will return to how it was
And the fear will linger forever
Migraine is not a headache. I don't know if I can see now, and my entire body is worn out. There is so much pain and fear and uncertainty.
Mia Donaj Jul 2020
heart attack
brain on fire
pressure getting higher
boa constrictor
around my life
rescue me
take me out of my plight
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
My head is heavy
Broken shards in the sides
Stiffened vines creeping
Taking over my insides
A booming weight of chaos
Buries me alive
Left with the fear of survival
And only a pinhole of light
Sydney V Dec 2019
am a walking
My figure parts beams
of others' light
my coming--
like an aura
that signifies
a migraine,
accompanied by--
the passing
of luminesence
is my signal
to both come,
and to go.
Inspired by a favorite poet of mine, Mark Strand.
Nadia Sep 2019
Myriad miniature migraines
Bounce off the waves
To zip by
Gleefully stabbing
At my eyes

NCL September 2019
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