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September Roses Dec 2018
You'll notice him in the busy streets of Peru, dodging vendors and laughing like the sun.
You'll notice her at a small diner past 2 a.m, lost in thought, meloncholy notes on her smile.
You'll notice him on a street corner wearing bold colours and singing
about the lives he's lived and the fools he's loved.
You'll notice her on mountain peaks, soaking in the wind with feathers in her hair.
You'll notice him weaving flower crowns and writing in his journals, squinting into the hot sky with dew on his lips.
You'll notice her kneeled on the side of the road, comforting a small animal she found with the voice of sweet honey.
You'll notice them, dancing at sunset, colours streaking across their face.
You'll notice them running through meadow fields in the early hours of the morning.
You'll notice them laughing like the wind, smiling like velvet, with whispfill sparks in their eyes as they sit by the waves at dawn.
They are the sun and the moon
The sky and the sea
Fire and the ice
They're not likely to tell you who's who,
In fact they're not likely to tell you who they are at all.
But even without the spoken reveal
Even without the clarity of meaning,
I promise that when you see them.
You'll notice
Poetic T May 2018
The goddess of nature,
            she was there for every
            last heart beat stilled.

            Droplet spilt upon
                     mother earth,
              feeding an unquenchable  thirst.

Collecting every last breath,
                   she never possessed,
                   there last exhaling breath.

But the warrior of the
                 grass lands she gave respect.
                 Never was one perfection of creation.

Woven within the embrace
to bring order to a chaos  
                            that haunts the tall grass.
Persephone May 2018
In November, the thought of pain cripples me to tears
In June, I am  an invincible goddess
On Mondays, I can withstand the **** of a  warriors blade
On Thursdays, I flinch at the slightest needle *****
At midnight, I’ll survive the fires of hell
At noon, I crumble at one touch
Poetic T Dec 2017
A web of contusions that collect
               in strands of consciousness,
bruised sometimes but always intact.

Collecting every moment and delicately
dissecting every word as if though
                 removing a tumour of ill refection.

Showing the strength of one empowered
                 by her surroundings,
       But consumed but her twilight memories..
Jose H Sep 2017
Yes, the first time I saw you i stood in awe
Yes the first time I spoke to you my mind froze
Yes the first time we hung out my brain was rattled
Yes, the first time we hugged my mind was at peace
Yes, the first time we kiss my heart will hold  still
But no, my heart holds no fear
My mind, a calm sea
In a state of peace.
Today I look at you and see
A beautiful woman with eyes to be lost in.
A woman like a goddess, to admire in awe.
A rare experience to be absolutely happy through a simple glance.

Always know that i would give up everything so you could enjoy it all.
Ricky J Jan 2017
You're trancending at every turn
You evaporate my troubles into mist

Your smile entrances the angels
Your elegance stills the roaring giants

It is you that bekons my fate
your mind sharpens the mighty sword of wisdom.

For time has treated you well
A beauty embellished with grace

Your essence sparkles like majestic jewls
your presence so precious, so warm yet so cool.
Lance McDonald Feb 2016
A goddess of all
Rules with a kind, playful heart
Works and plays all day,
Not a minute astray
Happiness to all who meet her gaze
They will surely be in a daze

Her face always towards paper
She'll put it down, only later.
Helps her escape...
From the madness and insanity,
Known as her world.

Betrayals and struggles...
Between her superiors
And Lust
Escape is a must

She finds herself in a realm
Under dark forces rule.
She smiles, as she fights
To forget her past so cruel

In the midst of her battles
She meets a man
Young but old
He's been here before,
From the stories he told

Their time is brief,
But worthwhile
Hail from the same realm
One human, the other a goddess
One account pleasant, the other vile

Returning to the Goddess' home of gold
The human scoffs for he can see the mold

Lust attacks,
Using her assets to keep him
More than intact
He backs away, drawing his sword
He will attack, even his lords

No time wasted
No stone unturned
As more time faded
They grew more firm

He knew he must protect her
But doesn't know why
A past obligation?
A long-awaited friend?
Was he in love with her?

Whatever it was
He never brought down his guard
Even while having fun
He never let up

From suitors trying to marry her
To her superior's tyranny,
He never let go of this sword
To expel villainy

Their individual chapters close
From having fun, to slaying foes
The sun sets, he continues his duty
Thus, opens another entry
As her Eternal Sentry.
ciannie Nov 2015
she awoke one morning to find wings upon her back
spread out across the length of her room
she had trouble getting out of the door
and every room she left and house she exited
she knocked things askew
destroyed more and more

she met a boy down-town of a similar strange sort
he was covered, every single last inch of him
in crawling, hugging spiders
his face was obscured and his tongue black
as he spoke, more came from his throat
fatter, hairier, wider

they fled together to a beach where a big bonfire sat
and around, for hundreds, in the fog, were others
others like them; outsides varied, insides same
there were some with wings too, the girl saw
but all stopped what they were doing as a sound was heard
and eyes turned toward the colossal flame

the people sat and gathered at the fire's base, close-knit
she linked arms with an old man with tears pouring from each wrinkle
and a little girl made of air
this crowd watched, enraptured for hours like moths
until the bonfire spluttered, stuttered, went to sleep
and wrote in the charcoal left: 'despair'

the boy with the spiders took her aside; his hands tickled
he bade the girl to wade out with him, into the swash
which giggled beseechingly at her toes, flecked with frost
the crowd of the beach overheard, and together they all joined
to slink into the fog and ocean depths united
to become, like the people of the night before them:
eternally lost.
based off a contemporary story idea.
LadyDragonfly May 2014
She is the kind of girl
Whose hips you watch sway,
Whose hair sweeps her back,
Whose knows her name in history.

The corners of her mouth
Are perpetual and unchanging;
Pulled in a taught steady smile
Bearing a daring snarl without exposing any teeth.

Her eyes blink slowly; her chin dips slightly,
Extending her sharp gaze under soft shadows,
Rearing her pupils as the horns of anangry bull,
And bowing her head to be crowned

— The End —