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Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What are you looking at
What do you see

Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What are you thinking
What do you see

Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What’s happening right now
What do you see

Can you see
Can you see
What do you see
Look with your eyes
Look with your mind
What do you see
You are the eyes
You the mind
Oh’ Now do you see
MarKat Jan 23
Steady in my path
To be exact
To what's inside me
To react
Natural and its beauty
Physically gone
Defined its motion
Never alone.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Let me hear
You are fine there

Hope to see again
Genre: Love
Theme: From Ground Zero, A Day In The History
ShowYouLove Oct 2017
Keep Watch

Keep watch with me for an hour or so
Be vigilant for when I return you do not know
Keep watch through the darkest light
Keep watch and you will surely see the light
Be alert for the hour is quickly drawing near
For those who are prepared there is no cause for fear
Stay awake with me in the garden as I weep
Though it is hard, do not give in to sleep
Be with me as we walk side by side
Be wary when life is good of the sin of pride
Keep your eyes open and fixed on your savior and friend
And in the storms my Guardian Angels I will send
Can you not stay awake for an hour in the day
Are your eyelids so leaden that you drift off in slumber
Be watchful be awake for one day I may call your number
Are you ready when I come again in glory and power
Will you stand strong and tall where evil cowers
Are you open to the Spirit’s guiding
Are you filled with wisdom and understanding
Do you proclaim the good news and do so in the power of my name
Do you live in my love and are you forever changed
Do you seek first to understand then be understood
Do you seek to make peace where there is war
Do you work for the common good
The time is now, what are you waiting for
Open my eyes to see with your love and truth
Open my heart to the joy and faith of the youth
Open my life to your wisdom and plan
Open my soul as only you can
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Watch for the star shining in the east
Watch for the prowling of the beast
Watch for the light that neither falters nor dims
Listen for the sound of the angelic hymns

Watch for the coming of the one true king
Watch for the baby in the manger
May we bless him by the gifts we bring
May we see him in the face of the stranger

Watch for the day that is drawing near
Watch and be wary so you can hear
Him when he comes in all his glory
To write the final chapter in creation’s story

Watch and wait with bright joyful eyes
Watch Christ and ever stay fixed on the prize
Watch and see the greatest gift the world got
Do we remember or acknowledge? I think we have not

I wish I could see what Jesus sees when he looks at you and me
I wish I understood the price he paid to set us all free
I wish I could turn our thinking upside down
And I wish I could make people smile more than frown

I wish a lot of things but what can I do to make an impact
To change or save a life and not be an act
The little things we do can turn the world
There is poetry in all nature and a flower unfurled

So let us watch for the coming of our precious savior’s birth
Reminding the world just how much we’re worth
That Christmas is so much more than just stuff
We have family friends and faith and that is quite enough
I stare at the layers of your lips wanting them to brush against my skin like peddles dancing in the wind when it's spring;
feeling the fine print of your hands well defined by your touches  
like no other has ever touched me

As I watch you leave the front door exiting our palace; I beg for God's mercy to bring you back safely as you came that fist day we've met on the ocean side in the late spring
I count 23 days with the celebration of having you in my life plus the months

You say worry no more but I can't help but realize how much you mean to me and how much I want to make this small beginning a forever...
How much do you love me?
You ask so boldly
Little do you know I love you with everything that makes me who I am with my flaws and perfections
I love you like everyday is the last day to tell you that I love you

I love you that much to tell you ahead of time that I'm in love you

By: Leory Santana Dawn
Ariel Hill Mar 2017
I found you/ a musical note
in a pond full of static
we made a soundtrack
that no one ever heard
drowned out by sirens
a gap that just widens
you were my unique find
I'd do anything for you
but stay
UV Jan 2017
An artist needs a muse
Like how the suicidals need the noose
Feelings feeding the fears
And fear feeding the tears
Round and round
Its how the carousel the goes
Never really getting anywhere
The choice is yours to get on
Like how the poet chooses his quill
But what you pour on the parchment
Can never be choreographed
Cause the heart will bleed on its own accord
So spoiler alert to the suicidal artists
Your muse will be your noose.
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