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Ken Pepiton Feb 22
Magnification and magic, majesty and jest, me?

My first thought on waking, or reaction acknowledging,
science, if any thing is sharp, it was made to become so.

Crystal vision, any reader in this medium has,
an attainment,
merit worn
by knowing
words hold
thoughts and thoughts occur in superstringy gnosisnot.

Over time, dust is drawn to the tangled web that we wove.
In visibility,
winds paint the Granite wall my bubble occupies,
melting the shallow snow,

enough for a California snowday. My mileau,
my conditioning reflexive zone,
bouncing a thought between reading minds morphing
wishes once thoughts,
as it were,
at hungry wolves, or troglodytes.

- My Grandfather, Caleb Boyett,
- has blessed me,
- no quest set before has not called
- on know how knots tie and solder mends
- learned from watching him, as a child.
- I was reared in a junk yard,
- with a bunch of happy dogs.

Stela, not
"Stella" from the common programing relative
to Hollywood, see
the sign.

Big-time, Robbie, big time, SHOW
be kind.

I don't give a damnabouda greenback dollar,
spent it fast as I could,
or woulda, had I ever sold what must be sold,
to accrue money problems,
or secret stores to protect,
sense of will,
sense of pur- in advance guarding the niche
under superpositioned words we all react on,

pinch of salt,
taken from the spiritual conception developed
as many children must have been set up,
to spill some salt,
so elders could guage,
reaction to instruction, "toss a pinch of the problem
                over your left shoulder-
                to ward
off any malicious salt protectors mind cry.

Not a lie. In my realm, stories reign supreme,
and those who learn to tell them without lying
seldom prosper
as per standard class-ification projects,
historically called civil-ization.

-- so that's my que, 2023, snow melt negative space
patterns evoke… that word again,
several times today, 10:34
took pictures of the patterns in the snow
that look similar to some level of me,
to rock art in

Time and chance, perhaps I needed the provocation,
common senses, all agree, things occur with no ..... lost threads

Internet ties,
intellectual kin,
in the wildering edgewise meandering mind
we share
in time
we spend thinking thank you for reading my mind.
The we we have is leavenishly small. Mind share, is too rare to price.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
The Greatest wisdom
Is not taught

Anyhow you will learn
With time
If you understand
What is not said

Your personal wisdom
Is not
Written in most read books
No need
To join renouned universities
You will not learn it
From the noble teachers
It may not have many audiences
It is strictly customized
Just for you

You will learn it from
The Pretenders
The Traitors
The Failures
The Haters
The Actors
When you wake up

And when I say
I once was stupid

Underline that
Genre: Observational
Theme: Questioning
Author's Note: Something out of nothing. All the questions are born out of the answers, we already have.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
testing the limits of
a circular drive
one hand on the wheel
the other copping a feel
of his passenger mate
dutifully nursing her neonate
foot goes down
to apply the break
fracturing fingers
is what it will take
to lessen
the voice
the slade
the mountain
tell me, don't floaters
eventually get flushed?
Beware...there are deceivers among us, hopping from one profile to the next. These types are not so interested in poetry as they are with messing with the ladies here. Please be careful.

Note: not all those with multiple profiles are deceivers. In fact, most are not. But there are a few here with ulterior motives.
peacholivet May 2020
I laid down motionless with memories of me
Frozen as Everest recounting the dark
Foggy lights and the brightest darkness
Shadowed the clear path of my being
Crooked the road of life I saw
Winding through the river course
The cold snow seared my open skin
In the sun my bones chilled the lowest degree
Deception threw its towel at me
I caught it with revived naivety
And wiped my sweat not knowing the test
Temptation clouded my brightest morn
I saw ahead but failed to look
Ambiguous warmth run through my blood
As I received countless unsolicited visits
One hundred times a day
From the compulsory lesson-devils of life
While I beckoned them to tarry awhile
They marched in with their next of kin
Teaching me one lesson or two
To look well whenever I see
And listen better when I hear
Life teaches so many lessons. Deception is all over. It pays to be alert
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Listen carefully

It may deceive
Being novel
For the reasons unknown
Corona is contagious

Ahead of it
Or behind
Spacing in between

Trust me
You will be safe
Survivor's guide
The way it is

Genre: Clinical
Theme: Influenza
Clinical Note: Stay cautious, whom to keep distance, whom to get close.
Raven Oct 2019
Lines and lines, druggy times.
Bleeding nostrils and racing thoughts.
Fast heart beats and feeling distraught.
Alert and awake, thoughts are chasing me in a maze.
I've lost it, I'm back on the powder.

They call me Kat, because my spirit animal is one of a cat like creature, and my drug of choice.
Fierce, sneaky, stealthy, and mischievous.
Kat is my name, one of many different personalities.
Freaky is her demeanor.

Wired and full of energy, mind is coming down, muscle spasms are happening.
I need to sleep, 2 in the morning and I'm writing forbidden thoughts.
Dreams that are nightmares that aren't stopping, I have no hold.

Will it ever stop?
Control before it becomes an addiction.
Hold, or the demons will rain, toxic tears to my waking existence.
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Virus alert! Virus alert!
Not feeling quite so pert,
These are the germs God sends ya,
I woke up with influenza!
Pucker up, you Casanovas,
One kiss will give you pneumonia!
Feedback welcome.
Chris May 2019
I am rabid,
I'm enraged,
I no longer
have a cage,

I am rabid,
I am starved
I am old
and full of scars,

I am rabid,
I'm awake,
I am here,
so is my ache,

I am rabid,
I am mad
I will bite
and I am sad,

I am rabid
I will spread,
I will make sure
that you're dead.
Maria Etre May 2019
She glowed
with a hue
the day
she knew
she had
Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What are you looking at
What do you see

Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What are you thinking
What do you see

Can you see
Oh’ Can you see
What’s happening right now
What do you see

Can you see
Can you see
What do you see
Look with your eyes
Look with your mind
What do you see
You are the eyes
You the mind
Oh’ Now do you see
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