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Randy Johnson May 14
When my friend and I finally got chicks, they decided to leave us.
My friend's name is ****-Head and my name is Beavis.
I thought that I was pregnant even though I'm a boy.
Because ****-head and I are stupid, people get annoyed.

I become the Great Cornholio when I eat too much sugar.
I'm actually a mental case who eats his own boogers.
When ****-Head and I meet chicks, we're sure to sexually harass.
And if you have a teenage daughter, you'll end up kicking my ***.

If you meet us face to face, we're sure to cause great anxiety.
We are both juvenile delinquents who are threats to society.
Don't come near us or you'll get so mad that you'll cuss.
You will be happy and better off if you stay away from us.
Sunstrike Apr 6
There's 104 days of self isolation,
and the cure comes along just to end it,
the annual problem of our generation,
is finding a way just to spend it, like maybe

making dalgona or making a donuts,
and avoiding friends for a month,
discovering vaccine that's not yet exist,
or maybe taking a showerrrrrrr.

ten ten ten

switching 3 different apps,
waiting for you to text,
ended up sleeping all daysssssss.

As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do,
before this virus can kills us alllllll,
so stick around with us cause Phineas and  Ferb Corona do it allllll.

Randy Johnson Feb 18
Every person on the Simpsons is sick and they will die.
They're suffering from Jaundice, that's the reason why.
Every fan of the Simpsons will have to nurse a broken heart.
They can say goodbye to Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart.
I'm the bearer of bad news but I'm not trying to be mean.
The people of Springfield have the worst cases of Jaundice that has ever been seen.
I give all of them just six months to live, nine months at the most.
They will die from Jaundice, that's what the doctors have diagnosed.
People will be happy to be rid of Sideshow Bob and MR. Burns as well.
Because of the strangelings Bart has received, Homer will go to Hell.
Everybody in Springfield is very upset because they're going to die.
After being on TV for over 30 years, they can kiss their butts goodbye.
This poem was inspired by 'The Simpsons' TV Show.
Mike Virgl Oct 2019
From two worlds, one and undone the in between
The glue that holds what can and cannot be seen
I declare that by my hands and my grace
This magic shall no longer be a wall

As love as a haste, let my commandment be a hall
To bridge the gap from where I go, to where I wish
Let me see star, for a lover's last kiss
Inspired by Star vs the Forces of Evil
Donna Jun 2019
The half moon showed off
a karate belt
The full moon a shield
*** I love this one , one of my favs , inspired by the half moon tonight :-)) *** ***
Laters poetry People ❤️
Star BG May 2019
I live my life as if in a cartoon.
Moving inside laughter, tears
and colorful visions.

Yes, I live my life in a cartoon
dancing, romancing, and prancing
on the big screen of life.

Perhaps when I leave source
will present me with an Emmy.
Inspired by chat with Stu Harley Thank you
Donna Apr 2019
Today I saw a
butterfly , I think it was drunk
on springs happiness

I try to write something serious or beautiful but this is what comes out lol well the butterfly fluttering  everywhere it defo looked drunk lol
Inspired this morning by nature’s beauty x
Fun n silly x
Jenna Mar 2019
I want to be someone's love song.

Listening on repeat
Their heart dancing to the beat
Smiles and blushes hearing my voice
Wanting to be near me by choice
My unstable infectious feelings
Makes them think they're dreaming
Jumping with glee
They couldn't have felt more free

This heart makes its own tune
It felt like we were in a sappy cartoon
As dues
daze a
coup and
behind you
a glory
day here
does find
you but
found you
but a
heel by
an exchange
of a
pie to
wish hours
here whoosh
a car
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