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Jenna Mar 13
I want to be someone's love song.

Listening on repeat
Their heart dancing to the beat
Smiles and blushes hearing my voice
Wanting to be near me by choice
My unstable infectious feelings
Makes them think they're dreaming
Jumping with glee
They couldn't have felt more free

This heart makes its own tune
It felt like we were in a sappy cartoon
As dues
daze a
coup and
behind you
a glory
day here
does find
you but
found you
but a
heel by
an exchange
of a
pie to
wish hours
here whoosh
a car
Ever wondered…

Why Jerry is so smart
And Tom so unlucky?

Why Bugs Bunny has to say “ehh what’s up doc”
every time he wants to communicate?

Why Winnie The Pooh’s top doesn’t go over his belly?
Is it a crop top?

Why Daffy Duck has a white collar?

Why Pinky asks the same question all the time?
And why Brain always answers every **** time?

Why Snoopy has a lazy voice?

Why Fred bothers driving since he moves the car with his legs?

Why, why, why?
Let me tell you about Barney Rubble.
He's a criminal who is in big trouble.
Barney lost his job and Bamm-Bamm was taken by the state.
That made him turn mean, he has been consumed by hate.
He and Fred Flintstone are enemies noe, he's gotten himself in a mess.
Barney looked through Fred's window and watched Wilma undress.
Wilma knew that he was watching but didn't care.
She didn't mind him seeing her while she was bare.
Barney bought a new car after he kidnapped Pebbles and sold her on the Black Market.
But the bank took his house so he had no place to park it.
All of this started because Barney lost his son.
Now Fred is out looking for Barney with a gun.
Fred is determined to shoot his former friend and watch him die.
He just found Barney so now Barney can kiss his **** goodbye.
a martian
is heathen
that deflects
abortion with
his artifice  
of adhesion
let superfluous
his connection
inside a
world that
always reeling
from monoxide  
now trigger  
of superior
intelligence to
defray sequence
of inhabitant.
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