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Jasmin Joy Sep 14
The sea scolded the sky
The clouds wept in the land
The land stored the tears
The sea felt guilty and sacrificed under the sun
The sun made new clouds
The sun gifted a rainbow wrapped in clouds
The sky became happy
The sea and the sky kissed at the horizon
Jasmin Joy Aug 10
Those days came again
To hurt all humanity...
Rivers without borders
Lands without fence
Everything is hidden
Under muddy running water
Many lost their beloved
Their home and homeland
Now resting under one shelter
In belief of going back soon
No rich no poor nothing
To praise.. but just prayers.....
Kerala is under water(from Aug8)... Last year too in the same date flood came into destruction
Jasmin Joy May 4
She phoned him.
But he was sleepy....
She talked but
He kept silence.
He was late to bed
Busy in something else.
She felt heartbroken.
She wept silently.
Finally he disconnected.
She decided not
To disturb him.
Until his 'busy' was over.
She let him sleep.
A deep sleep..
She sobed with rain
And no one noticed.
As Chaplin said..
Coz rain wiped her face...
Its just a feeling I had when there was rain outside
Tell me if you lyk it...❤
Jasmin Joy Apr 16
I will never promise you
A thousand colors in
Your life. But I can give
You a rose flower that
Melts all the problems
Between us. We were born
In different culture and in
Different surroundings...
Problems may arise.. but
We should conquer it with
The love we share each other.
It said that ''Silence is better
than Politeness''. Let's not fight...
I love to be with you....
You are my best friend, my
Love and my every thing..
I am in you bcoz you lives in me..
Don't shut me out coz I'm
Afraid that you'll be out from me.
You are my soul and the fire that
Ignites me to go forward....
This is dedicated to the one whom I love sooo much❤
Jasmin Joy Mar 13
I met with a white
With the help of a black.
The white gave me space
to tell everything in my heart.
Black helped me a lot to
talk with the white.
Black turned my thoughts
into beautiful words for white
White heard me with patience
I wonder what would be it
if I don't find them ever in my life.
They are my best buddies
White and black gave life
to my sunken heart.
They are the reason for
my enormous poetic life.
They are not living
They live through my hands...
No's my
white paper and black pen
Tell can I forget them...
I Love my pen and paper
Jasmin Joy Mar 9
Grandma began with a sigh
And said,she'll tell a story.
Noone knows how it began
Not even how it ends..
She sat on a chair.
Her eyes fixed on the wall.
Then her eyes became very bright.
A smile bloomed on her lips.
She became very pale
I sat down; looking at her.
But she remained still.
She didn't speak anything
After a short while I realised
She's not gonna say anything
Later I stood more closer to her coffin
Eagerly, to hear the story untold...
Jasmin Joy Mar 8
She loves to be a family...
Her heart longs for it.
But fate doesn't allow her.
She had both mom and dad.
But they threw her away.
Bcoz she is a GIRL.
Tears fill her eyes as
She think of her parents.
She tried to end her life.
But the word 'Amma' stopped her.
Her heart beats for 'Amma'.
She breathes in for Amma's scent.
She yearns for Amma's touch.
But all her searches ends in darkness.
You are the reason for
She is being an orphan.
Why don't you take her home?
Why don't you give her
love,affection,food and shelter?
The word 'Amma' means 'Mother'
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