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Jasmin Joy Jan 29
It is not a disease,
It is a condition
of loosing immunity..
And results in many disease.
You called it AIDS.
And you isolated them.
You are the culprit.
Accept them and
Be with them...
They are like one of us...
AIDS is not a disease.. Its is just the deficiency of immunity in a human body.
Share our humanity..
  Jan 25 Jasmin Joy
The sunrise slips through my window blinds
Chorus of chirping birds and their melodies
My heart enlightened , I’m fully awake
I then begin to contemplate
Staring through an empty cage
Feelings of heart ache
Do I wish to escape ?
Surely, I’ll open the gates
Sighing, someday
Jasmin Joy Dec 2018
I reached here an hour ago.
I am waiting in the queue to reach the door.
I wished to see what had happened to me.
Requested to the angel; to watch my death.
I was startled to see my wife.
I never expected this, ever in my life.
Everyone had left my house.
I stared at my lonely spouse.
My funeral was greatly over.
I saw it from my new bower.
Suddenly she(alone)washed her face.
with a bottle of water, of ice.
She took her phone and made a call.
Slanting to the pillow near the wall.
She said,'' All that was a success'',
smiling; I realised my death was a process.
She poisoned me, in the bread.
A silent attack, poison all spread.
It was she a wise lass..
I'm the poor, innocent ***.
I was her best teacher,
She is my one and only traitor.
And that was her brave move.
I watched her so keenly
And she is cheating me cleanly.
Now she is with her secret lover
All the mystery is now over.
It was too late to understand her.
Time is out, to be judged
The images of her dodged.
I will not go to get her.
I almost forgot her
I'm no more a husband. Now
Her soul is sinking into new
True lovers, in this world are few.
An imagination.. Got inspired for a story written by my friend.
Door refers to the door for judgement in heaven.
(Alone) - The wife is alone in the room.
Dodged- the images that he was seeing was fading away
  Nov 2018 Jasmin Joy
I wonder what secret
The trees whisper to the breeze?
Do the birds hear that secret
And announce it in their song?

Does the wind hold it
And drop it in the seas?
Does the sea speak it out
And share it with the stars?

Do the heavens then resound
With the secret of the trees?

And the clouds,
Oh yes! Those clouds
Blue, black and grey
Is that why come rushing?

Across the seas to caress
With gentle rain the trees
And whisper,
"Heaven knows your heart,
There are no secrets from God."

The trees smile and sway
Fulfilled and complete in love.
Jasmin Joy Nov 2018
You are the one who loves me most.
You are my heart and my heart beat.
You are the soul whom I loved most.
You are the one who won my heart.
Babe I'm gonna stop everything.
Bcoz I'm not satisfied.
But I'll begin on another.
May be this is my last poem or
The last day of my creative life.
I can't continue anymore.
I'm depressed
Baby hold my hands forever.
Bcoz I don't wanna loose you
Hold me. I don't wanna miss you...
Mad Jazzz....!!!!!!
Jasmin Joy Nov 2018
It begins from the red gem.
It was created by the glittering stone.
The stone turns yellow, orange, sometimes red.
Color changed by the force of wind.
The stone breathes so hardly.
It breathes out black air.
It was dying and was having last breath.
Stone's expiration was much slower, thick white air.
The housewife forced it to glow.
But it was its last effort.
It was its maximum.
The red gem gave its life to
the one next to it and
Finally the images became blured...
And the stone closed its eyes.
The last breath of the burning coal;
the smoke, began to rise in the air
Its hands were longing to touch the sky
As the wind blowed it faded away,
May be melted, in the air
and it vanished away like a ghost.
It is difficult to understand.
How many of you realised that I wrote about a dying coal and of smoke?
Jasmin Joy Oct 2018
The breeze was blowing strongly
I don't know from where it comes
Or where it goes.
It fades away smoke-wreath like.
At that moment I felt a cold on my feet
And realised that it was the wave.
The sun was dying at the end of the sea.
Sand under my feet rushed into the sea with the wave.
The crowd behind me, began to vanish
like the falling petals of a rose.
But I wished, you were with me
By giving a deep breath, eyes on the sun.
Again a cold wind surrounded me.
I felt his presence and a cold on my shoulders,
Mocked me by hugging and ran away to kiss the sun.
For a moment, was that heavenly presence.
Drops rolled down my eyes..
It kissed my cheek and went down
More drops flowed through that channel.
They rushed down through my cheek neck
and to my chest to touch my heart.
Memories flashed on my mind..
The proposal, love, first kiss
and all the happy days of love.
I wish those days would come again.
No, it will not come back any more.
Even if I wish, they will not
He will not hear me...
He will not come to me..
He is at a distance, miles away...
He is sleeping; an eternal sleep.
And he will not wake up; a fine sleep.
Another wave rushed into my feets
And stole away my good memories..
And hide them under her deep beds..
I love to write love poems coz it has the greatest power to conquer the world.
The true feeling of a lover whose beloved had left her in the earth and flew away to heaven
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