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Grace Haak Sep 2
sugar lips
kiss me twice
got me thinking
this boy is nice
bubblegum pink
blow my bubble
got me thinking
this boy is trouble
candy coating
see it in your eyes
got me thinking
this boy's told lies
but you're so sweet
cure all my cravings
got me thinking
it's a love worth saving
no chocolate swirl
no caramel chew
i'm not addicted to sugar
unless it's you.
Karisa Brown Nov 2018
Poetry is flowing over my skin
Lights me up from within

The way bubblegum feels
As it pops on my skin
Sticky and sweet
I feel a burst of fresh air
Pop inside of me
Lips lick the pink aftertaste
Bubble gum is amazing
It stretches when you blow
You can wrap it miles around your tongue
And inflate that stuff like dough

Especially Hubba Bubba
The stretchiest of them all
Blow that ***** f*er
And you can have a ball!

But remember it’s only membrane
Though tough it has its limits
It’ll only stretch so far
Til it splits and covers you in it

Stretchy things aren’t infinite
Even they can be spread too thin
So careful with that stuff
Or it’ll burst and splat, done in.

The same applies to people
They can only bend so far
Before they inevitably snap
Broken, clean in half.

We only have one pair of hands
And helpful as one can be
If everyone wants a piece of you
It becomes an impossibility

To fulfil their needs
And still meet your own
You end up depleted
Clapped out, on the floor

So you must set boundaries
Look after yourself
Learn to say ‘no’
Think of your health

When it all gets too much
That’s a red flag right there
So take a step back
Regroup and take care

For if you’re burnt out
You’re no good to anyone
So repeat after me:
‘I’m not a piece of bubblegum’.
Helena Apr 2018
My cherry lips
Might start tasting like
And my tongue
Might freeze yours
With crimson shaved ice
You will soon realize lover
My tights are not worth the sacrifice

Bubblegum dreams
Like schoolgirl straps
Are easily popped
If you take one more step
Know I wont know where to stop
Run before i chase you down
Before I start to cry
Before you get the chance to taste
My teenage girl delight

You find me obedient
Sippin on a diabolo menthe
And you want to call me yours
But theres another in your arms
So now shiver in my warmth
for one last day
Run away and don´t look back
before I ask you to stay
Bubblegum boy
With forest eyes
Minty breath
And sad smiles
sweet ridicule Feb 2018
waking up every morning
I roll towards you

sleepy and sweet you
hum softly like a bumblebee

and pull me into your chest
warm and bare; sugary earth smelling

I catch your cheeks in my hands
your bubblegum lips, soft

morning smells tired (patience)
so ideally we could just

stay here.
Its not a bubble gum
sweet and then bitter
after that sweetness vanished,
you spit me
I like bubble gum
I love the baloons that I made
even if it explodes I can reshape it
don't worry I never get angry
Devin Lawrence Nov 2015
Waking up,
The smell of strawberries
Marries the air
And infatuates me into
An early morning's lust;
I'm in paradise.

Holding your hand,
Fingers intertwined,
As the radio plays
And we stay with the beat.

Leaning in,
This is the moment;
Strawberries flood
My tastebuds,
And then you blew a bubble to the size of your face.

Bathing in bubbles
That are scent-less,
And I'm senseless
And my hands roam
And your mind leaves this world.

A fire burns
And seven bodies
Bare witness to newborn
And I swear a star was too.

But I'll never see that star.
That taste seems so vague.
I came in and burst your bubble-
Tastes sweet
Until the flavor faded.

So here we are,
A bubblegum kiss later,
With a layer between us.
Autumn Sep 2014
I miss you.
I miss you when i'm at home watching a movie and i want to add my own commentary.
but only want you to hear, but you're not near. I miss you.
I miss you when i'm scrolling through Tumblr like a loser and I see a post that i'm just dying over and I want to show you. but you're at you're own house, with you're own view.
I miss you.
I miss you as soon as you leave. even with a smile on my face because I had such a good time with you, I still can't be as happy as you make me.
I miss you basically any second that i'm not with you.
I'm not necessarily sad when you're not around, I just wish we could be together for every little boring moment of life. I know someday we'll live together and it will be lovely and I know we are young and I know it's smart to wait until we can afford it, but i just miss you by my side, I want you by my side every single night for the rest of forever.
And Ever too.
Awesome Annie Jul 2014
School girl crushes never fade,
As fast as the flavor of bubble gum.
Yet both bubbles burst just as suddenly.
One disappointed and sticky,
The other broken and sad.
Imagine my delight when I found you. Fairy tales and fantasy have faded into lost hope by now.
Age has escaped the time of youth. How could you possibly not ever be mine?
My body aches,
Tells me it wants you inside.
Crushes are for school girls I tell it. hush
please my thoughts of you,
Always come intertwined with doubt.
words dare not part my lips correctly,
So I settle for laughter shared.
I can't help but think...
School girl crushes never fade,
As fast as the flavor of bubble gum.

— The End —