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Grace Haak Sep 22
to the core.
if this is evisceration
then i can empathize
with all those creatures
cropped and chopped
sliced and diced
salt from my eyes
sprinkled as seasoning
chewed on for your convenience
until i lost flavor
and you wadded me up
whittled me into waste
this is all i am now
a carcass of bones
pulverized into powder
drifting as dust
ah, to be solid and savored
full of taste and trust
but sadly now
just reduced to
Grace Haak Jul 21
do you love me at all
or are you just lonely
am i just a convenient catch
a willing girl who happened to be nearby
do you miss me at all
when pink skies melt to black
when goodbyes end and garages close
do you ever wish i would run back
do i live in your mind at all
or do i sometimes just stop by
am i just an afterthought
nothing more than a simple sigh
when people ask you what we are
do you say i'm just a friend
or do you smile and slyly shrug
because you hope it won't ever end
so do you love me
and if i ask
what are we
will you tell me
something special?
Grace Haak Jul 21
I’m not sure why I cry
when I should be asleep
It’s dark out and I try to be soothed by rain
But no peace comes to pacify the pain
I’m not sure if you’re the reason why
My heart hurts and my thoughts are too deep
But I overthink more than I should
Over and over
And I’m anxious over events that don’t take place
And I’m desperately longing to see your face
Even though I can’t take a breath or fade away
So many thoughts and yet nothing to say
And as I continue to cry, stuck miles away
With so many thoughts and yet nothing to say.
an old one
Grace Haak Jul 18
your touch causes sparks
to shoot through my fingers
and dance up my arms
that first sip kind of feeling
i get when i swig sparkling seltzer
your kiss makes my head spin
warmth crawls through my body
like the taste of tequila
but your lips are my chaser
sweet like cinnamon on orange
your words turn me inside out
i'm on fire and melting
into a puddle of passion
the way liquor makes me leap
into a pool of liquid courage

my words are fumbling
and i'm definitely stumbling
my heart is pounding
i can't find my grounding
but i'm not drunk
i've just sunk
i'm not wasted
your lips are all i've tasted
i'm not reeling
this is just how i'm feeling

i told you i loved you
in the middle of crowded chaos
fireworks from every direction
set off into a starry sky
and while there was glitter in my veins
from one too many white claws
i meant what i said
the timing was wrong, sure
a bit rushed, a ninety dollar uber
but i meant what i said

so here i am again
i love you
you give me sparkles, warmth, and courage
without even a sip of alcohol
you give me that
drunk when i'm sober
kind of feeling
i love you
just hold me and my head will spin
you make me want to dance on bar counters
and run into empty streets
laughing like a fool
and praying to never come down
you just get me drunk when i'm sober
and i love you
so hold me
and i'll never come down
Grace Haak Jun 24
so do i love you
or do i just love the way you hold me
and tuck my hair behind my ears
or how you kiss me feverishly
and run your fingers through my hair
or when you stare into my eyes
and break into a crooked smile
or when your hand grabs mine
and leads me to your bedroom
or how you giggle when i brush your knee
and challenge me to an all-out tickle brawl
or when you walk me home
and keep your arm around me at all times
or how our goodbyes seem hours long
and end with a flirty "see you"

but when will i see you next
and why do we have to say goodbye
i will miss your arms around me
and i hate watching you walk away
when will our next battle be
because i don't giggle when you're gone
and is your room lonely without me
does your hand miss holding mine
you never failed to make me smile
or make my eyes sparkle with joy
your hair was so soft and fun to play with
i've never been kissed like that before
i would never tuck my hair behind my ears
do you feel empty when i'm not there to hold
so do you love me

or does this just stay on our street
and will it fade when summer ends
do i let you see my tears
and do i tell you that i love you
or do i smile, shake your hand
thank you for a fun quaran-fling
and leave it there?
because i think i love you
but that's too dangerous
nothing's been defined
and we are in too deep
"no strings attached"
but to you i always will be
and when our thread breaks
so will my heart
all i ask
is that
you don't forget me.

please don't forget me.
Grace Haak Apr 24
twenty steps if i walk
fifteen steps if i skip
ten steps if my dog drags me
i hope i don't trip
thirty minutes if it's nice
twenty minutes if it's hot
every minute wondering
if i should grab your hand, just a thought
sixty minutes watching
fifty minutes talking
endless minutes kissing
oops, it's late, i should get to walking
but first bring me to your driveway
i'm at a loss
so i'll just twirl around
and ask you to think of me
on my long journey home
you'll laugh
it's our classic goodbye
you make me blush
i make you sparkle
hair disheveled  
but never feeling prettier
i'll let you know if i make it
twenty steps
i might burst
fifteen steps
i might melt
ten steps
i might fall
five steps
i fell
i'll walk twenty steps
or twenty-thousand
bursting with bubbly
makeup melting off
falling fast and free
how do you do it
how do you get me to smile
so confidently
i'll leave it here
remember me by it
until the next rendezvous
how good is it to be so young!
flings may fizzle
but i'll never forget
the way you made me feel
the way you made
twenty simple steps
so exciting
if you ever need me
you know where to find me
after all
it's just twenty steps.
Grace Haak Apr 24
Throw me up against the wall!
Tie me up and let me fall
I hate soft scenes and caressing cheeks
Love isn’t patient nor for the meek
I drown and rise until I fly
Only to sink and sparkle across the sky
You’ll be pleased to know you’re the reason why.
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