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Won't you talk to me more?
For your voice I adore
It shatters my heart's core
And makes my soul soar
As I feel the suffocating cries of misery
Your ghosted smile spirited me away
My heart remained longing and hungry
For the chance you stayed with me that day

The gentle warming and bound peace
From your disappearing, loving embrace
And the sweet aroma of honey from you,
Told me that everything you said was pain

Yet the tears wetting my cold cheek
Could never compare to your lips
As each droplet makes a streak,
I find your love for me was an eclipse
I’m tired, I should go retire
Not constantly talking with others made me think
I’m so confused as my mind I’ve tinkered with
I wish I could say goodbye to her, since I never learn
But I’ll have to secretly watch her giving off affection I yearn
I wonder if she also misses me?
Goodbyes beyond our imagination
You can feel words under your skin
They never met their final destination
As your silence was a sin
My heart used to beat
                   Rhythms always used to meet
                No longer any anymore
                       As it aches forevermore
I was reading a story, It wasn’t that shabby. But when I got to a certain part, the one of the broken lovers’ pact, my tears freely flowed. It hurt how much I related.
The Cold wasn’t here before
                             I feel it in the distance
It’s origin long gone  
                                           Now the Cold will come
I’m so **** cold. Isn’t it spring already?
i used to send you memes,
it's no longer a habit of my day.
i realized i haven't sent any in a while,
i miss our old ways.
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