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Verity Lane Oct 2023
I am in love until I'm busy
Until life is just more important
Until I'm so needed

by every errand

Every chore
My heart full of cares and calendars
My mind swimming in puzzles

I am no longer in love
In apathy
In discontent
In contempt of you.

A lazy life will inspire
A lazy heart.
Lazy passion
The flame

While saying I was the one.
Verity Lane Aug 2021
The morning greets me
and with every painful breath
I greet it back.

My naked body wrestles
the smoothness of the sheets beneath me,
caressing my skin,
soothing my wounds,
holding me the way you should.

I aimed to only want you.
I hate that I need you.

The morning greets me
and I turn away
just to face
another day on my own.
Verity Lane Jul 2021
I was falling somewhere in the middle
of compliance,
and beige.

I gazed up and quickly realized
and fighting back
was a better game.
Verity Lane Apr 2021
She is earth.
And chocolate.
A loud anthem and a roar.

She is good.
And a nourisher.
Guardian of the weak.
Warrior for justice.

She is hope embodied.
Everything I wanted.

She is enough.
And more.
Never too much
and overflowing.

She is earth.
Verity Lane Apr 2021
But she does not have thighs to split apart,
And an *** to grab while thrusting.
Hips to curve around and bend over,
And *******
That overflow
And spill
Over your firm grasp.

A voice that sings your name
And a back that rises to meet you
As we both reach heaven.
As we both reach for air.
Falling deeper into warmth
And heavy scented
Sighs and shutters.

She might have you,
But my body owns you.

Over and over.

To the end.
Verity Lane Apr 2021
I'm not crazy.

I lie to myself,
I ignore my body,
I eliminate my heart.

I'm not crazy,
I'm just dead.
Verity Lane Mar 2021
Dear Wild Girl,
Inviting me to dance
In the light of your fire
And emerald
And sea:

Welcome to the drop
After indulgence
And enthrallment.

Welcome to the realness
Of daylight.

Until the next twilight
And escape.
When your tide.
rolls through us
In its time

Blink your eyes
As they adjust
To earth
As it is.

Solid and stable,
And true.

Welcome to the mundane
Roots and facts.

Because I know
It open-armed
welcomes you.
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