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Bill Evans was playing piano
on the record
on her hi-fi.

She had just gone
to fill up our glasses
with scotch.

I lay there on her bed
waiting for her return.

I could hear the jazz piano
and the double bass
and snaring drums
and the gentle beat.

She came back
holding two glasses
with the amber nectar.

I studied how
her two firm *******
stood there *****
and her blue eyes
on me smiling.

She lay the glasses
one each side of the bed
and climbed back in.

We sipped our scotch
and she said about
the phases of the moon
and how the moon's pull
had influence
upon women's
menstrual cycles
and the effect
on some people's minds
what was called lunacy.

The scotch was good
and Bill still played his piano
and she drained her glass
and the talking stopped
and we lay down again
hugging close
listening to rain.
The Napkin Poet Oct 2017
I think of that flag often
The one with the white X
In a blue background

I kissed you
Underneath the one that waves infront of the library
I ****** you
Underneath the one that hangs over your dorm room bed
I bet she gave you that one too

I made love to you
Underneath the one in your bedroom back in your hometown
I remember you telling me how much your mom loved her Scottish accent

Sometomes I'd wait for your eyes to wander
To fall on the flag while I worked my way into you

But you never did
I guess that flag meant more to you
Than she did
Ben Jr Jan 2017
Pour me a drink,
A scotch with a gin,
I need to think,
Of life and dreams,

Pour me a drink,
Shot after another,
Don't ask me of my being,
Tomorrow I'll put myself together,

Pour me  a drink,
I wanna bask in a perfect sin,
Fix me something right,
And Lemme drink all night,

Pour me a drink,
I'm but a stranger to your eyes,
I have friends to turn to but,
I don't want to drown them with my demise,

Pour me a drink,
Oh, lemme feel my heart pound,
I have a friend coming for me,
So keep em coming til I can see sounds,
Summer Michelle Mar 2016
You drink to what I have
And don't,
To what I want,
And lost.

Here's to you,
And your bitter soul.

Jack Thompson Oct 2015
The curtain of night folds elegantly into place.

Scotch and lip gloss to taste.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
scar Jun 2015
"sturm und drang" sagt ein mann
on the train
it's snowing.

agley they gang, the best-laid plans
plus the pain
of knowing.
Devashish Kumar Jun 2015
“What’s your favourite drink?
Really old scotch or champagne.”
Her wet lips.”
13 words
Phil Lindsey Apr 2015
I am Phil
I am Phil
Phil I am.

That Phil I am
That Phil I am
I do not like that Phil I am.

Would you like to drink some Scotch?
No Phil I am.  No I would not.
I would not like to drink some Scotch.

Would you drink Scotch on the Rocks?

I would not drink Scotch on the Rocks
I think it tastes like ***** socks
So get down off that Dewars box
I will not drink a Scotch with you
No that is something I won’t do
I might drink *****, might drink gin
But drinking Scotch would be a sin.

Would you drink some Chivas Regal?

I think Scotch should be illegal!
What is it that you do not get?
I just don't like the taste of it!
Scotch just doesn’t suit me well
I do not even like the smell.
Give me wine or give me beer
But don’t talk to me when Scotch is near.

Would you like a single malt?

I don’t like Scotch.  It’s not your fault.

Would you try some Lagavulin?

I won’t drink Scotch; I’m not foolin’
I won’t drink Scotch all by myself
With you or anybody else
I hate the smell
I hate the taste
To serve ME Scotch
Would be a WASTE!

Well!!  You don’t have to cause a scene
Just try a sip, see what I mean
It’s really not that bad, at all
Don’t drink the bar stuff, drink the call
All the ‘Glens’ are really nice
Drink them neat, add 1 cube ice
One ice cube brings out the taste
Two or more would be a waste.
Try just a sip, and you will see
Then you might drink a Scotch with me.

Oh Phil I am
Oh Phil I am
You wore me down.
Was that the plan?
I guess I’ll let my scruples slip
And try a Scotch – a tiny sip.

Sip.    Sip.      SSSSippppss.

Oh (licks his lipsss)
This is good.  This is really good,
I think that I can taste the peat.
It’s not too smoky, not too sweet
It’s not at all what I expected
Now I’ve got my thoughts collected
My admiration resurrected
I think I like Scotch, Yes it’s true.
I think I'll drink a Scotch with you.
In fact, Phil, I just might have two!
Do you have some Johnnie Walker Blue?
PwL   April 8, 2015
I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, and, like most kids, loved the playfulness of his words.  Dedicated to Theodore Seuss Geisel.  I hope that he liked Scotch!
rantipole Nov 2014
partying got old in a hurry.
it aged like milk that was bought
a few days before expiration.
and I'm lactose intolerant anyway,
why the **** am I drinking this?

I'm looking for something more mature,
that becomes ripe
with the passage of time,
like 50 year old scotch.
and I'm an alcoholic anyway,
why isn't there a bottle in my hand?

overwhelmed with the thought of you
drinking anything
with anyone else
while I sit here alone
and sip another cup of coffee,
with only the wind to keep me company.
and even he doesn't stay for long.
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