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bones  Dec 2014
bones Dec 2014
I have an irregular heartbeat
that ever so easily trips
head over heels and breathless at
the thought of your thighs and my hips;

I have an irregular heartbeat
I worry will run out of luck
and trip and stay breathless forever
before we are able to f...
Rachel Rode  Aug 2016
Rachel Rode Aug 2016
i want to tell you how i feel
but my words catch in my throat
and suddenly breathing is impossible
that happens with you a lot i’ve found
losing my breath didn’t happen so much before you
but i’d gladly lose it a million times
if it meant i never had to lose you
Steal my breath catch me off guard.
Pull me close hold me tight.
Live after midnight.
Touch the deepest part of my heart.
Take me to the brink of ecstasy.
Leave me breathless.
#breathless #catch #tight #midnight #heart
lX0st  Nov 2014
Lost at Sea
lX0st Nov 2014
I'm drowning in your moans
Every word that melts from your lips
Floods the room about us
Suffocating me into believing
That I would be satisfied
Spending my last moments
Staring into your eyes
all heavy, all tungsten
i am bound to fall
by veils of overarching verses
and phantom mirrors
hope dead in everything
tethered to this world

for me, the guilt is overflowing
like a cistern
of amaranthine, breathless rest
demeter in the soy field
seeding poison
from her fingertips
                    I've been taught
                      To only tread
                  in shallow waters
      But his eyes were oceans of blue
    and I was ready to take the plunge.
       Never mind that I've forgotten
                      how to swim.
     If in return, it is he that leaves me
  Let it be that I covet air for all eternity.
Cristina  Oct 2018
My Love
Cristina Oct 2018
Your soft kisses on my forehead give me butterflies
Your smile leaves me breathless
Your kisses leave me senseless
Soft traces of your fingertips
And firm hands hold on to my grip

Your scent lingers for hours
Your hugs leave me weightless
Your love leaves me ageless
Soft kisses on my neck
And firm embraces hold me tight
Rox  Jun 2018
Rox Jun 2018
Assigned by angels to be the vessel
of your opal eyes

I don't mind

These days all I want to see
is the radiance you bring forth
a tranquil break in the folds
streaming through me

As I stand in regard
with the threads of yours wrapped around mine
a spatial interlude
long glimpses at your blueprints
in my sights
the daybreak of my existence
the gleaming brilliance of yellow
the daring cosmos of nights’ sky
Those night skies

its expanse I clear with no expense
I only hope for you
for you to notice
the bones of mine that bloom after you
a synthesis so sweet
as I see you
glance back to me as we dance across this field
as I tread light
a nimbus and a kite

the vessel of your opal eyes
a contract laced with gold
dusted with your breath.
(the things I see for you)
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