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annh Nov 2020

Name the word, for the word has a name.

Listen to it breathe. Let it lie lightly in the mind and liquid

on the tongue. Bear its essence forth, its personality and its intention

- conceived briefly, discarded readily, pronounced forcefully.

How does it sit with you? The spread of its silhouette suspended

within a silent interval. How does it move you? An attitude framed by

the gesture of a hand. Is its pitch sharp or flat, its texture course or fine?

Allow meaning and resonance, intonation and feeling to merge unencumbered;

the syntax of the imprisoned soul, emancipated by a river of sound, to mould

the shape of your aboutness, around and within, beyond and in spite of...

And hear consciousness dance.

‘Then love knew it was called love.’
- Pablo Neruda

‘Any language is a supreme achievement of a uniquely human collective genius, as divine and endless a mystery as a living organism.’
- Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
Chase Parrish Apr 2019
[Meaning] = The way we use language to convey [FEELINGS];
Words have [Meaning]
Creativity, Force, Power.etc;}

If(Poem() != [Creative]){
~query~ Is it poetry?}

/* There is no point in writing what is already written */

It's not what we want to say that matters because the FEELINGS we experience in our lives have been felt before. It's trying to express those feelings, and share them with others in a new way.

Ok, so this might be a weird one... I was a computer science major for about a year before I decided it wasn't really for me. Also, this weeks challenge in the poetry discord I'm a member of was, "Write an avant-garde poem." So I suppose this is the baby of both of those things. If you are interested in the discord here's the link.

As always critiques or comment's are very appreciated!
annh Dec 2018
The opposite of end-stopped
Poetry; the trick with enjambment
Is to never complete a sentence, phrase, or thought
Within a single line of verse; but instead allow
The syntactic unit to run on
Unexpectedly, like a distracted self-drive tourist
Attempting to navigate a multi-lane freeway
Without indicating
Nonsense Poet Oct 2017
Into my retrospection
Mind follows the soul
Swimming in my inner world
Words and sensations

Symbols passing by
Glowing and bright
Joy and sorrow
Tumble and fight

Different Feelings
They´re coming across space
They´re not the same
Even tho makes no sense

Turning-in the night
Fading inside my mind
Swimming into my dream
I can not fight

Dancing in another tune
Wild wave it can be
If I save you
and you savage me

I lost myself
Random symbols awake
Showing to us
A chance to take

Wild wolves inside
Running around  
Breaking the silence
Why don't let them escape

Some words
Phonetic symbols in a tune
Even meaning nothing
Can make a dream comes true

Words and swords
They just arrive
Coming from the same side
Strong feelings and no surprise
kb Jun 2017
iniwan mo ako.
saka mo nalamang
mahal mo pala ako.

mahal mo ako.

saka mo napagtantuhang
kailangang iwan mo ako.

huwag **** bigyan ng hustisya

ang mga espasyo ngayon sa bawat pangungusap.
bawat salita ay dapat paghiwalayin

kahit alam nating ito’y may kahulugan
at ugnayan.




ano ang saysay ng salita

kung sa bibig o kamay
ng iba ito manggagaling?

bakit mas masakit 
ang kirot ng pusong

‘di dahil sa pagsisiayos ng mga salita
kundi sa ating pagkakaisang

naudlot sa pagtalima ng mga alituntuning
sinulat naman ng iba?

mamahalin kita*
*kahit ang palaugnayan ay magkakamali rin.
kung susunod ang ating mga puso

gusto mo bang mabigo?

‘di mababawasan sa murang salita

ang anumang nararamdaman.

idaan mo na lang sa kilos,

kung ayaw **** sumunod sa palaugnayan.
palaugnayan ang tagalog sa salitang "syntax."
Sunil Sharma May 2017
Bring your empty words
I will re-charge them again
And make them potent;
The hollow words---
Bring them to me and
I will make them sing,
In the summer afternoon
On the glistening lips of
The workers in sweat
Working on construction sites;
Bring your faded words
I will make them shine in the forge
Of blacksmith whose sinewy hands
Will form them into forms that appeal;
Bring your sad words,
I will make them smile
On the faces of war-orphans
Street children
And cancer patients,
Because when sterile words
Of poetry come into contact
With unsaid suffering of the
Larger silent humanity,
They become fiery,
Mesmerize and
Truly become
The sweat-soaked words and entire syntax
Great transcendental poems!
@Sunil Sharma
Towards a new poetics
Q Dec 2016
People look for the fountain of youth
But I am a fountain of words

I wield them like weapons
They slip from my grip
I spend them like bills
They steep me in wealth
I tuck them in my pockets
They spill from my lips
I give them as gifts
They stick in my teeth
I kiss them on cheeks
They slide down my throat
I stack them on shelves
They pile at my feet
I pack them in boxes
They stain my sheets
I burn them to ashes
They pow-

I hope you get it because
This **** is endless and
I forgot where I was going with this
Q Dec 2016
I like words.
Each is often imperfect alone
But the skill lies
In stringing them together
In just the right order
In just the right way to convey
The galaxy in my mind.

I like words.
They stick smooth to my brain
Like the thinnest decoupage
Every inch neatly covered
Every crevice every crack
Every layer after
Every sheer layer.
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