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  Jun 17 Aparna
We all have our ways
No matter how deep it feels
Just keep going my dear
  Jun 2022 Aparna
Ben Palomino
Once in a dream
I inhaled the night sky
Becoming one
With its hue

I replaced every star
With a sigh

All except for the ones
That reminded me of you

I then kept
Just enough of the sun
To torture it till Jun

Planting six seeds
For my lover

And grew them under
The pink moon
  Jun 2022 Aparna
Rob Rutledge
These halls seem somewhat hollow
A certain sense of sorrow
Now graces ancient stone.
Replacing familiar faces
With defaced family paintings
And cold ancestral bones.
Thrones thrown upon a pyre.
Fate becomes the folly
Tomorrow the unknown,
The brows of time are furrowed
Past spent, lost, or borrowed
Flowers forever bloom alone.
Rats, the last lords of ruin
Rule cruel shadows from the walls.
Twilight sighs at daylight's rise
All seems dark till darkness falls.
  Jun 2022 Aparna
vanessa marie
i woke up at five today
just to watch the sun rise
i walked the deserted streets
smelt the bakery's morning pies.
the colors shifted overhead
a fusion of honey and rose
i didn't worry about hair or makeup
didn't even change out of bed clothes.
it was a sacred time
a moment for me, and me alone
to walk in silence and feel at peace
moving headfirst into the unknown.
  Jun 2022 Aparna
Cursed child,
Whisper your sorrows
To the unforgiving water
And drain your tears

Wash the blood and dirt
From your hands
To purify this pain
And pacify your soul
  Jun 2022 Aparna
Thomas Wan
Love is like taxis
They're everywhere when you don't need it
But nowhere to be found when you do
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