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  6d Aparna
the early morning can’t hurt you
for it’s too soft with it’s yellows, it’s creams, it’s gray shadows and tired eyes

it cradles you in soft arms, a nostalgic mother, lulling you back to sleep
Close your curtains, baby, and climb back under the covers. It’s okay.

making but a whisper, the morning sky never fails to amaze me, the hazy sun soaking my curtains
We are slow in the morning, but we are happy. We are enough.
  7d Aparna
what do you do when
the one you still love
is so woven in the
tapestry of your everyday life
so much so, that
when your phone lights up,
so does your smile
when your ringtone chimes,
so does your laugh
when you see them
enter the room,
they carry your breath away
along with the cold air
from the frigid winter outside?

how do you tell them
that every day, your mind
is completely and utterly enamored
with the photos of moving day
with the reminiscing, stories
with the weekend trips
daily calls
playful negging
that you’re so much more
well equipped to handle
the flaws they try to hide?

how do you tell
the one you love
that you love them?
  Jun 9 Aparna
I took flight with white egrets
absolved to light,
cast as rainbows into velvet night
my shadow glowed with silver, caught
under soul of your foot
nought, cero,
sinking in a sea unsaved
dissolution as cresting waves
softly losing form into foamy snow,
forever rolling
long ago,
I live in dreams,
other universes that could have been
I am static on a screen,
I am fire
which burned unseen
you saw me die
to the cameras eye.
Away for a week -
But my worst fear:
When I come back
Will you still be here?
My sneaky was of saying I'll be gone for a week with no computer acess.  I'll miss you all. And don't none of you go high-tailin' it out of here while I'm gone !
  Jun 9 Aparna
To dissolve into the night sky
and to never be seen again
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