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How sensuous and seductive is the unique confidence of a woman. The way she nurtures her appearance as well as her career, education, and every living thing around her. Her dedicated intellect that balances a drive towards production as well as love and affection. It is in a woman’s heart that grace is found, boundless supplies for those who have wronged her, but also those who she will teach about the love she found in herself. She is a beacon to a society lost in the fray.
A W Apr 2018
Deep wounds with an invisible mark.

Carved by one I used to love; a love that never loved back.

Used, to be replaced with a friend.

A better body and high narcissism,

someone who wasn't afraid to use others,

also played with my heart.

They left me exposed,

Told people something that I am not.

Forced myself to become something I was not,

just for them to walk all over me.

He threatened to hurt my friends, dignity and poise,

She ruined potential love for me, dignity and poise.

The laughter and love I once had has left me.

Yet I feel sorry.

I felt love for them.

I always feel like I'm in the wrong and shouldn't say anything,

That I deserve the labels I'm given.

I know that's false,

that I can find love as true as can be;

also live with the emotional scars.

With time, comes a fork in the road to growth and self recovery.
I'm always sorry, but not for this anymore. Him and her did enough damage; I'm the only one that can fix myself.
Ram B Oct 2016
The music plays
The piano
The saxophone
You dance
Piano and saxophone
You and motion
This moment
and my emotion
as one.
Pregnant clouds floating
In the sky with grace and poise
Clouds, hope, rain, grace, poise, love
Clare Veronica Jun 2016
Dress to ****, don't show everything.
Pass smiles, be polite to everyone.
Keep your voice down, never to laugh out loud.
Eat a modest portion, and only one piece of cake.

Walk gracefully, poise in every move.
Sit up straight, legs daintily crossed.
Hold your wine glass by the stem, never by the bowl.
Take a sip by looking into, never over the glass.

There's nothing in the world like proper etiquette.
You can always tell a lady has good breeding
by how effortlessly classy she is.
david mungoshi Mar 2016
perfect poise
between diction
imagery and tone
measured rhythms
and true fine feelings
that fall like soft rain
to mirror humans
in tender moments
and coarse grim cameos
of things best forgotten
things nuanced and bitter
this vast field of experience
is the business of poetry
the art of aptness
the art of compactness
and incredible depths
leading to damp squibs
we search nevertheless
for unique form and content
that exercise in futility
till at last we rest from our labours
and we understand at last
poetry like life is a bitter-sweet  illusion
28 May 2018. some re-writing in the last three lines. sounds better to me and feels better too. my thanks to all the guys here keeping my poems alive.
Beryl Lao Jul 2015
I’m in my jammies
Gah! I’m such a brute
When did I become
This disgraceful
This overbearing?

I am not
No longer
A lady of poise
Dysfunctional lifestyle
I can’t.
The noise!

My god
I’m a disgrace
I can’t even cook.
My god, I can’t -
No longer
Finish a book

I’m so annoyed
Ah so annoyed!
When did I let
Myself go
When did I stop
Putting on a show

Is this the real me?
I can’t recognise
She’s long gone by now
Who I was before

Sorry I can’t remember
They say our cells replenish
Each year
And for that
My graceful self
I no longer hear

Maybe I was meant to be like this
A *** bellied pig
Well I feel like I am
With a stomach
So big

No, I’m not pregnant
Although I wish I were
So that I may have a reason
For overeating
Oversleeping and sneezing
On cat fur

A grumpy old woman
I wish I was
Instead I’m a disgrace
To all nineteen year old graduates
Of top universities
That has

Fostered our minds
Stuffed it
With ideas that conjure
All the wrong things
Deemed right;
All the good – obscure.

My question to
My disgraceful self
Is when do I pick her up or -
If someone will ever help?

It’s okay if they don’t
It’s okay if they’re disguted
I too am
But maybe
Like in university
We can adjust it.

But as of now I’m fine
No thank you
I’m okay
The couch
The ice cream
And watching TV all day

I’ll pick myself up
I’m sure
This house
The people in it
They know that
For sure.
Pffft!!! I can't stop laughing at myself as I'm writing it right now.
I'm literally wearing my jammies as of this day... at 2:34 PM in the afternoon. I'm such a slug.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
People stare at me with confused eyes
They ask to know where my secret lies
They wonder where I found my gait
They love the way I articulate
The softness of my arms
My captivating youthful charm:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

I walk with a quirky poise
People whisper, and it's a delightful noise
The smile on my lips
The curve of my hips
They say I've always been this cool
But honey, do not be fooled:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

They see fire in my eyes
They say I'm for keeps 'cause I'm a prize
There is a grace in my vibes
Something good to imbibe
The warmth I bring
The joy I bring:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

There is something about me
How did I come to be?
The reason behind my womanly pride
The reason for my sedate stride
My aura, as that of a beloved emperor
My shoulders high like that of a conqueror:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman

They say I am a mystery
There's definitely more to me
In the stillness of my mind
In the presence of my kind
I become more of the woman I am meant to be
The best of me you are yet to see:
This is my woman
The woman I have become
All these and more, are my woman
Salomé Albrecht Aug 2014
Tap, tap, and tap faster now
to the beat she’d exclaim

Her fingers would dance over black and white keys
as her expression screamed passionate
She held herself up with ease, dressed in love
Poise could very well be her middle name
Patience and respect dangled, I imagined
from her tousled brown hair
Laughter to be thankful for in her piano lesson

Clap, clap, and clap faster now
to the beat she’d exclaim

- salome albrecht
For my piano teacher.

— The End —