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Erian Rose Apr 2019
When I'm with you
My worries
My cares
My wounds
Blows away
Gone like a kite
With its string held
In your grasp
Poetic T Feb 2019
We where sails torn,
    never catching

each others gusts....

But still we tried to blow
                 life into something,

that wasn't moving anywhere.

And then we knew it was time
             to abandon ship..

Then we realised,
                    that we
  sailed better alone.
Max Jan 2019
You're as light as a feather,

I blow you away.
Not in my social mood
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
live behind
a mask for much
longer. I think I'm gonna
blow. All this anger and fear,
It'll come out of me like a volcano.
Lace Nov 2018
Cut it up
Lay it out
In a line
Let’s go

Take me places
I don’t know
In a line
Let’s go

Conga line
It feels fine
In a line
Let’s go
zebra Oct 2018
its a road trip

she did the chicken head dance
hips swayed
like an evangelist of the lascivious
slicky, sticky, dicky
happily sicky
******* swallow
flooding her gullet
with spits, spats and waterfalls
for 300 gooey miles
like a Deer at a salt lick
to horney to send picture post cards

and her mouth sparkled
a regurgitating anthem of love
and a billion solar immolations
in the great
howling milky way roadtrip
*** adult
zebra Oct 2018
she moving moveless
with big pleading eyes
like fruit orbs
fetched in molasses
full of grace
stretched out her long neck
like a Modigliani
and ravished him
with cautionless lips
and fluted throat
like a scorched desert
deranged for monsoons cloudburst
*** adult
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