She fought back the tears that were threatening to fall.
She will not let him win.
Of all people, not him again.
He will not be her weakness.
He will not become a part of her.
Even if he did,
She will rip it apart from her.
It will hurt.
But then,
She will be free at last,
Like she always has been.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
I don't want to study.
But that's not the problem.
I don't want to go to class.
That's not the problem either.
I don't want to watch movies or read books,
Or sing songs or play games.
I don't want to walk or eat,
Or at least try to sleep.
I just want to curl up in my bed,
In a fetal position like a cooked shrimp,
And think and think and think
About everything wrong about this life,
Or maybe pray that I'd just vanish into thin air,
So nothing would matter anymore.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
Eyes on my back.
I can feel them.
I can feel them
Watch my every step.
I can feel them
Watching me from head to toe,
Staring into my deep blank soul.

Eyes on my back.
I feel them shred my clothes to pieces.
I feel them from the corner of my eye
Watching my every move.
A word I utter,
A step I take,
They see. They hear.
They know them all.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
I want to lay down,
Maybe on the beach,
And stare into the endless sky,
As their eyes twinkle different hues.

I want to forget,
Maybe about everything,
And live a newer, happier life,
As you're erased from my memories.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
You were unhappy.
Did I make you happy?
You make me happy,
And you did.

Are you unhappy?
She makes you happy.
They make you happy,
But I don't.

I'm glad you're happy.
Did I make you happy?
You make me happy,
But you won't.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
For all hopes you chain me up with,
There's no escape.

For having drowned,
Sunk too deep to breathe.

For all hopes are crushed,
By a single past tense.
Elena Basophil Aug 2017
No need for *****,
Just chaos,
For it drowns us in passion.

No need for dope,
Just chaos,
For it makes us high.

No need for peace,
For Chaos,
Brings our hearts together.
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