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Dark n Beautiful Apr 2017
I came back to the poem with more ideas,
Trying to wake up the unsuspecting reader
To walk with them though my stories
I didn’t want them to think I was rapping
nor was I singing the blues

Poetry is no longer frightening
Like a sudden force of lightening;
Awakening your senses to the art
From the start: to the fuzzy end

I dared you not to walked away from this piece
However, I beg of you to read this piece with ease
Today, I wish that the little birds on my window
Will sing to me, but instead the cold morning breeze
kept them away:
An exciting dimension of their songs makes my day
Comes alive:

In my lucid dream last night, I saw beach goers
Watching the tides go in and out:
way down the harbor road
Their soak their feet in a stream
of warm running water

So I took a seat and I joined the relaxing crowd
Dreams are scarier, more than poetry.

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out
of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux

I came back to this poem with a sense of knowing, that a

*Poet can survive everything but a misprint Oscar -Wilder
He sleeps. An enigma, his life bereft -
He lived then died once his angel had left.
It happened as simply as anything might,
As from day there follows the coming of night.
The poem at the end of my favourite book. Presumably co.mposed by Marius Pontmercy to honour the life of Jean Valjean. One day I hope to translate Les Miserables in full, until then, here's a very small section of it.
Terry Collett Apr 2016
You were never there
Of course. She was born

Too early or you too late.
But she was a beautiful

Dame, you think, turning
Over pages, gazing at her

Photographs, imagining
Her lips to kiss, her arms

To caress, her soft *******
Your pillows and what she

Was like in bed (alive that
Is not dead). However, she

Died too soon, way before
Your time. Old enough to

Have been your grandmother
Had she lived and had her time.

Too bad. She could have been
The best ******* never had.

But Harlow’s just a dream,
A useless thought, just a memory

Now in books and old guy’s heads
Who may or not have shared their

Beds. You were never there, but if
You had and the gods had been

Quite kind and let you meet and
Kiss and **** and love and live

To old age, you could have lived it
All and not have scribed the page.
Spenser Bennett Feb 2016
He laid emeralds in her eyes
But I'd already tried
A bracelet made of gold
And a scarlet thread around her wrist
And everything was wrong
So we sang sentimental songs
Oh, how seldom we belong
But how elegant our kiss
And we painted crooked lines
But we danced in perfect time
To a love so much refined
We know not what it is
So like the dullen wine
We pour into a grief we'd known before
But never quite like this
Never quite like this
All I know now is regret
She follows like a silhouette
Of a cobblestone behind me
She has nothing left to say
Except to innocently ask
Her voice delicate as glass
"Do you see me when we pass?"
But I
I continue on my way
From Memphis Will be Laid to Waste by the Metalcore band Norma Jean

This is the work that speaks to me. These are the words that beg to be spoken.
Jude May 2015
Interconnecting my genes into the Universe
So that every single thing is me.
Something he would say
Marie-Chantal Jan 2015
Jean Chevalier was
A Parisian man.
He led a simple life,
He had no big plan.

'La Résistance'
In took he part,
He felt it was right
In his Parisian heart.

The German soldier smirked,
Strapped in his ranks,
He looked down at Jean
And fantasised war tanks.

Jean was stuck in the métro
Since about half past three,
His stomach was aching,
A cigarette needed he.

The German Soldier, however,
Breaking the 'law',
Lit one up and
Opened his enormous jaw.

His pink, beefy face
Took a long drag,
Jean clung to his country,
Clung to his flag.

Jean gasped for a cigarette,
The soldier saw in his eyes.
But Jean managed yet
To stay dignified.

The soldier whips out a fresh one,
For Jean, condescendingly.
But without batting an eyelid,
Jean declares:

*"Non, Merci."
Merci Jean, tu as aidé Agnes Humbert et tu ne l'as jamais su
Big Virge Aug 2014
(Pt. III)

After the 7/7 bombing ...
This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about
where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
Well They've Made ....            
A ... REALLY Good Start … !!!!!            
They've Shot A Brazilian ... ?!?            
Straight Through His Heart ... !!!            
Of Course Those Words ...            
Are ... NOT Quite Right … !!! ? !!!            
He Was SHOT FIVE TIMES ..... !!?!!            
At POINT BLANK RANGE … !!!!!            
They Got REAL CLOSE … !!!            
Putting Guns IN HIS FACE … !!!!!!            
They CLAIMED ...            
"He had a bomb !" …            
But Alas They Got It WRONG ... !?!            
They Made A ... " Slight Mistake " … !!!            
Well Apologies WON'T Mean a lot ...            
When Friends Are At ... HIS WAKE ... !!!!            
There Is A PROBLEM Here ... !!!            
They've Given The ALL CLEAR ...            
For Policemen To ... “ SHOOT TO **** ” … !?!            
SO Who Now Has To Fear ... !?!            
Is it ... " WHITES " ... ???            
It Would Seem ... NOT ... ?!?            
“It’s Muslims and the other lot !”            
The ... " OTHER LOT " ... !?!            
Means Those Like ME ... !!!            
Young Black Men On London Streets ...            
So Much For Us Being ... FREE ... ?!!!?            
FREEDOM NOW Is ... OBSOLETE ... !!!            
Those With COLOUR WILL Now See ...            
Much MORE of Those ... " NICE POLICE " ... !!!!!            
Those Who Work For These MP's ...            
Who Claim To REGRET Such TRAGEDIES ...            
But STILL WON’T CHANGE Their Policies ... ?!!!?              
This Is Now A HORRID Time ... !!!            
Cos' Words Like These ...            
May Be ... DEFINED ... ???            
As ….. ” INCITEMENT ” …..            
When It's Just Rhyme ...            
This It Seems ...            
Is Their Design ...            
Pay CLOSE ATTENTION …            
To The ... Following Lines ... !!!            
“We wil imprison, or, deport !            
anyone attacking, the values of The West !"            
That's ... " Lord FALCONER "...            
Our Lord Chancellor …            
He'll Bring DISTRESS … !!!            
To Me I Guess .... ?            
For Things I Say ...            
AGAINST THE WEST … !!!            
Like ...  
Freedom of Speech ...  
Will Soon Be .... " DEAD " .....            
Now I DON'T Own ...            
A ... Bullet-Proof Vest ... !!!            
But Who Needs One ... ?            
When They're Aiming At HEADS ... !?!            
Instead of ... ARMS ...            
Or BETTER STILL ... " Legs " ... !!!            
These People Are ...            
Humanity's DREGS … !!!!!            
Their TERROR LAWS ...            
Are Like FISH NETS  .… !?!            
With ..... NO FISH ..… !!!!?!!!!            
But ….. ” HUMAN DEAD ” ….. !!!            
What They Say ...            
Makes Me UPSET … !!!            
Muslim THIS … !!!            
And Muslim THAT … !!!            
I’m NO MUSLIM ... !!!            
That's A FACT ... !!!            
Of Course It's WRONG ... !!!            
To ... " SUICIDE BOMB " .... !!!            
But ... " TWO WRONGS " ...            
DON'T Make Things Right ... !!!            
We're In DARK TIMES …            
WITHOUT ... Much Light … !!!            
When ALL WE DO Is Incite Fights ... ?!?            
Just Because of ... " STEREOTYPES ” … !?!            
This Is Why Innocents Will Die ... !!!            
Tears Will Flow While Many CRY … !!!            
Tears of SADNESS From This MADNESS ... !!!            
MADNESS On ...            
Your TV Screens ...            
MADNESS On ...            
Our City Streets ...            
Madness That ...            
Will Slowly ... " Creep " ...            
YES …..            
Close To YOU ... !!!            
And Close To Me ... !!!!            
DON'T DISMISS ...            
Cos' You've Been ... " Missed " ...            
At ANY TIME You Could Get HIT … !!!!            
By A Policeman ...            
Who Holds A GUN ... !!!            
And Has The ... " OK " ...            
To ... Make You RUN ... !!!!!            
Just Like REDNECKS ...            
Run From ..... “ SUN ” ….. !!!!!            
Or ... I Do From ...            
..... ” RACISM ” ..... !!!!!!            
That's Something .....            
I’ve Always SHUNNED … !!!!!            
Because I Like ...            
This Word HUMAN ... !!!!!            
If You Shoot Me With A Gun ...            
When I Bleed It's BLOOD That Runs ... !!!            
KILLING Is NO SOLUTION … !!!!!!            
They've Just KILLED Somebody's SON ... !!!!!            
That's What Comes From ...  
Using .... GUNS .... !!!!!            
Rise Like The Sun ...            
While Peace Now Sinks ...            
Into ... " OCEANS " ... !!!            
This AIN'T Making Life Much Fun ... !!!            
Actually I'm Getting VEX ... !!!            
Cos' I’m Thinking ...            
Maaaaannnnnnnnnnn ……..            
... " WHO’S NEXT ?!? " ...
People, as much as it seems,
disconnected from, the 7/7 attacks.
One should recognise,
The ****** of Jean Charles De Menezes ...
Yeah ... Remember Him !!!
whether you believe, 7/7 was a Muslim,
Islamist attack, or not ?
What  has transpired since,
has shown that Terrorist actions,
are not something that, Muslims
have total ownership of ...............
Hate, leads to terror, and
******, is an act of ... TERRORISM.
Camille Marie Jun 2014
I keep repeating things over and over again.
Over and over again.
And again and again.

I love my blanky.
Where's my blanky?
I think mom hid it under the pillow.

Mommy's putting on makeup.
Pat, Wipe, Pat, Wipe.
And I also pat and wipe.
This is a rushed thought regarding Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theory, specifically the sensorimotor operational stage.

In this stage, we would talk about repetition, object permanence, and imitation. I kinda wrote this up for fun while I'm reviewing.
Addy Jean May 2014
Oh Muse! endow my verses like the
which in a pliable state, straightens
the choppy motion.
Dear Apollo! enlighten my words like
the hell fire
that light gives, yet a sharp gaze
broils the eggs.
Oh wretched Hydes! weep but one
more time for me
for the constellation bears rain no
Oh Jove! rain the one pacific upon me
for I will to drown myself today.
Ah flora! the color of spring has
blanched away
for the pompoms bloom ashen
Lovely Aurora! why you withhold
yourself from me?
She's glum with me, why trying you
too be?
Eye some Aphrodite! take care of and
preserve the winsomeness.
for the lass
* knows no value, it has to
*eggs: eye *****
**lass? my beloved

— The End —