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Sandman Sep 2021
Sisyphus is buried beneath my feet
I confess that I am happy
Dionysus is in my dreams
Keeping me drunk on love

Face pressed against the cold window
Were you ever real
Or just somebody to forget about
I feel myself suspended in love

With no direction
To no avail

Love is for the phantom mind
I wish I could tell you
That I am in love
With the idea of falling
In love with you
Maria Etre Oct 2020
Today, I remembered
yesterdays' rain "comin' down on a sunny day"
then suddenly "nothing else matters"
when you ask the piano man to "sing me a song"
as "I listened, to the wind, the wind of my soul"
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
13 Ways to Cringe


We met under a glittering ball

at the drop of the song

I told him not to fall in love with me


We were swallowed by the city

and when he craved me and wings and beer

I had to marry things like ketchup


We tried again in Chinatown

the club with the ***** girl at the bar

who tried to dance her way into his lap


Eventually I spent a night

but that stupid 9-5

it’s like we didnt even talk


He wanted wings again

I snuck him beers

He was always a good tipper


I remembered his address

a door so nondescript

I wound up forgetting again


We talked on the fire escape

watching people is cool

because you get to skip yourself


Matching robes one morning

we had to play divorce

while his roommate intruded


There were four of us at night

two got married

two got lost


When we dance in a group

half the time we spend losing it

half the time we spend finding it


I try to sleep on his sailboat

but I gotta ***

and my beds down the street


We play BINGO with his nieces

to want the babies to win

is an inky dabber to six cards


His dad calls me his

His mom shows me new shoes

He is petting his dogs
nishta Sep 2018
how time flies
in the blink of an eye
you were gone.
my firefly.
sufjan stevens is my muse.
D Lowell Wilder Mar 2018
Wallace Stevens
With the widows and the maidens?
The name
the distancing vocabulary that
we scurry to look up
look up
train our eyes
If I came into your office, in downtown
Hartford a city
I knew framed - as my father grew up in
Wethersfield always said
be careful –
downtown Hartford is
not a good place to be alone.
So I saunter, prink, and
plonk myself
past your receptionist.
A widow?
And she’d holler:
-Mr. Wallace I asked her to stop!
And your desk which you requested almost 15 years ago
already looks out of date in too heavy oak is
caught between us, a horizontal surface filled
with paper.
There will be one sentence.
And one exclamatory remark.
-Wallace, you’re only human -  you put your pants on
one leg at a time.
he says, jumping up from his desk,
He undoes his belt, he drops his trousers
he steps out of them –
He steps out one leg at a time.
Wallace Stevens, god bless him,
arranges his pants carefully on the floor of the
Hartford Accident
Indemnity Company
just so.
And grinning,
hops into both puddled legs
at the same time.
Then bends over and hoists the waistband
the belt dangling
in triumph.
Lesson learned.
Learned, schooled like
St. Ursule with her radishes
Just another lady
Just another confabulist
Just another story.
Chugging through collected works of Wallace Stevens.  Conflicted.  Needed a fantastical moment for him and me to parlay.
D Lowell Wilder Mar 2018
Petty theft of pretty poetry so
taut like my buttocks when I was twenty
and did not appreciate the ripeness of my
Or this – about an orange peel –
the white is bitter the spits of oil
not iridescent as oil might be
in a parking lot puddle.
Try for size the heavy fur of
winter cottages, blah except for
holiday wreaths and the silent exhalation of
smokes snaking from their
Translate this grapefruit that is both
sour and sweet
and fulminates
What if a poem just  is this
Veronica Emilia Nov 2017
I’ve never been so glad to come home at night to hear the television blasting

This time it wasn’t cheerful voices from the home shopping network belting out about a product

It was a live Cat Stevens concert and it made me shiver to listen to someone whose voice sounded so real.
Angelina Jensen Feb 2016
There once was a girl named Izzy
So lost and confused
All she wants is attention
But all she is rude

She never takes advice
She always wants to fight
Thinking that if she fought someone
all of troubles would go away
But that isn’t the case

Dyes her hair all different colors
Just trying to get some attention
pop the pills
smokes the ****
and drinks the pain away

Cuts herself
puts down others
just to feel slightly better

An upperclassman
That acts like a underclassmen
All she needs is someone to show her kindness
love and compassion

Yes ,there was once a girl named Izzy
But she isn’t here anymore
dug her own grave
over the years
and committed social suicide
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