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Leal Knowone Mar 2015
sorry clings to a dark heart
take the wrong path, no restart
put it on the line, to have it all
my sorrow ushers in your pleasure
bewildering how you will never know
full circle for the things I've done to you
the dreams that will never fade to obscurity
we knew there was something wrong with me
wanting something that does exist any more
your pain forever heavy in my heart and my mind
every time I think I succeed, it bombards my mind
My absence has to be one of the best things you know
yet I know there is still a small fire inside
but inside it's just ember by this time
but surely the fire will never die
Q Dec 2014
bewildered that this text
this forgotten scribe
uplifts the feelings
i try so hard to bury inside

this scribbled stanza
relieves pressure and pain
slowly allowing me to
stop reliving the shame

words once read
in black and white
submerged in emotions
high, light, and bright

letting your painted face
in my memory vault fade
ebbing in the distance
while these words continue to invade

funny is that our feelings exist
so playful and irrational
yet followed zealously
feels greater than feels, professional

Q Sep 2014
Irrationally rationalize for my
craving heart
exactly why it is
that you & I should
share these emotions, this
feeling, these overwhelming
that leave us petrified
lost in one another's
body? spirit? soul?
Just lost, no bounds,
no ropes or chains
to find our way
Just connected minds
feeling bodies
reaching hands
bewildered souls
enhanced experiences
of our aching bones

"How is it possible to feel all of this"

Aizzur Festejo May 2014
Feelings of confusion, keeps bugging my head
Feelings of unsureness, I'm painting it all red
Feelings of frustration, overcomes me instead
Feelings still wavering, keeps me from falling to bed
Random ones from Feb. 2, 2012
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
I'm gonna hold back tears,
every freakin' day for you.
I'm put up this always-an-optimist act,
every freakin' time you say to.
I'm gonna laugh,
and never again cry.
Because you say it makes you tired...

I'm gonna hold in my scream,
and smile, never frown.
I'm gonna say I'm a-okay,
while you cut me down,
such a wee-tree.
I don't deserve sarcastic mimicry.

But you don't even need me..
You don't even see me..
So why do I have to..
waste all my freakin' control on you?

If I so much as complain,
about you,
about life,
you stab me with a freaking knife.

What happened?
You were my role-model,
my brother,
my best friend,
my life.

"I know."
Is all I am able to say to you anymore,
because if I strike so slightly,
the rain will pour.
If you have a friend and he starts telling you who you are and what you can do for the better of yourself, don't always believe it's better for you. Sometimes people can surprise you, and be thinking more about themselves than you may think.

Your life is yours. Don't give it away completely, or from then to the day it leaves earth, it will have been someone else's.

March in Minnesota
Still a solid four feet of snow
Two flipping inches of ice
On every flipping road

High school lunches
All the nutrients in the world!
For a six year old maybe
Or a terribly anorexic girl
Sorry. I gave blood shortly before writing thid. As such, it's a little bit... off...

— The End —