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Life poses a big problem,
A question rather than an answer.
The aesthetic meaning hiding
In everyone's corrupted mind.
A solution thrown at the sea,
Only those who drowned shouted victory!
The rain makes me want to write to you,
To tell you things I should have said months ago,
When everything was easy and it didn't hurt so much to breathe.
When there’s no barrier between what should I say and what could I say.

You said we’re young.
You think we’re too young huh?
You think it is best to ignore every echo that concusses my heart
Every time I start to say something I really feel about you?
That I have to lie afterwards and say that I’m fine,
Put up a smile so it will not look like regret.

No, I want to dream.
I’m tired of seeing memories of places I will forgot,
And people who never really had names,
Just because you don’t want yourself to be dreamt.
But I don't want to lie awake at night knowing that somewhere you are in pain.
For I remember you saying “Don’t you know your heartaches are my heartaches too?”

So now I am confused,
And honestly, I’m in the midst of giving up.
So tonight, I’ll forget that we’re still young, and let myself fall asleep again,
Go back to the places that will be forgotten soon,
And ask people who never really had names just to find the answers on those questions running inside my head.

As the cloud is still dark but the rain is gone.
I’ll slowly close my eyes and let my soul fly away.

— The End —