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Time and time again
Transplanted from my comfort zone
To a new place where I have no friends
Shipped off
Away from those I love
Forced to start over from scratch
In a new and hostile living environment
Thrown out
Kicked to the curb
Sent sprawling to the pavement
Isolated once again from all I'm used to

Is it any wonder I'm messed up?
I've got nowhere to call my own
I've been forcefully torn away from
Every place I've ever called home
I saw a therapist the other day. He said I have adjustment issues. I'm inclined to believe him.
I am a broken man
Who doesn't know how broken he is
I am an addict
Who hates the drug

I am lonely

I can feel my isolation
Every night as the demons I dream of
Spill over into my waking life

I am lonely

I hurt the people I love
I act before I think
I am the most destructive force I know

I am lonely

I am so lonely
Every muscle in my body
Begs me to run
To chase your car
But then your taillights crest the hill
And disappear beyond

My mind lingers on you

Are you wearing your seatbelt?
Are you alert and emotionally sound?
After all
A distracted driver is just as dangerous
As a drunk driver

And no
I am not ok right now
Fear and feelings and Hydrocodone
Cloud my mind
Every time I watch you leave
Hurts more than the last

But this weekend was amazing
I had so much fun
Felt so loved
So safe

This weekend was not wasted
On painkillers and platitudes
This weekend was real
Tactile and truthful

My love is relentless
And I will pursue you
To the end of the earth.
Warm tears run down my face
The pain to great for my heart to bear
It breaks
At losing you
But my love is tenacious
And yours alone, my Rachel
I have caused you heartache
I have brought you shame
But know that you are sacred to me
A gift from God
And still, my love is yours

I am not yet complete
Not yet competent
Nor worthy of your love
Yet in vows now written
And still, my love is yours

My soul is wrenched from it's moorings
My mind now must face my flaws
No longer can I hide in false naivety
And still, my love is yours

Mark my words, Sweet Treasure
Watch for the day, My Beloved
For I will make you proud

*And still, my love is yours
I love you more than life. I will return the man you deserve, and the man I deserve to be. And Still Will I Love You.
My mind
Wandering beyond
We are
To adore
To think
Is the
That peers
The very
Chaining us
Rest comes
To those who
Don’t ask,
But the
Don’t tell.
How can I
Mere mortal man
Write verse and rhyme of Venus?
For She is Herself
These black days
These barren days
That turn my soul to ash
And char the fibers of my soul
And all because I must be away from Her

I am drained
In the absence of my Venus
I am pained
By the space now forced between us

But I will overcome the fractures
Not bested by this distance
For always has She been
Just beyond
The morning
The  horizon
The road
The hallway
Yet through these barriers
I have persevered
I have roared at the enemies that keep me from Her
I will not rest
I will not be satisfied
I will wager my everything on Her
For Venus
My all
I love your soul, fair Venus.
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