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aniket nikhade Nov 2015
The present moment in time belongs to you.
You have got it’s ownership, utilize it to the best of your ability.

If there is something that is much more important,
even more than the topmost priority on the list of priorities,
then that something is in the present moment of time.

If this means even if you have to take the right direction, start with the present moment of time.

Moment by moment each moment in time passes by when a search is made for one perfect moment in time.

It’s all in the present
Everything belongs to the present
Memories when they get recalled,
it’s the past that gets revealed in the present.
When time is spent in ascertaining the future,
it’s the future that belongs to the present.
It's all in the present.

All said and done,
all in all,
it’s all in the present.
Everything belongs to the present.

A conscious mind not only knows the person inside very well, but looks at the outside world in much more detail.

Hence it’s always important to keep in mind,
all you have got to deal with is the present,
much more importantly,
the present moment in time is very important.

So just stop worrying about the future,
live in the present,
definitely at some point in time in present life will smile upon you.
The Love I have has no other name
It belongs to you
The loss imagined imagines me
It belongs to you

— The End —