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aniket nikhade Nov 2016
Initially everything seems to be clear in mind with regards to what needs to be done at the present moment in time, since steps are there to follow.

Step by step one step at a time.
One by one, only one step at a time.
Every step that is reached upon gets registered in the mind with the next step to follow.

Definitely a moment in time will come when destination will be reached,
however, later on it’s realized that destination is part of what’s there in mind while steps are part of the present moment in time.

In one way or other,
in some way for sure,
what seems to be there at the present moment in time in the present is not what seems to be going on in mind.

Twists and turns are part of life and life is not that simple as it was thought to be in the mind, initially at the first instance itself.

Over a period of time it’s understood, realized, agreed and accepted that with experience many things change in life, however, there are certain things in life that remain the same as they are,
as they were,
a few amongst them are as follows.

A few things are difficult to learn and at the same time a few things that you know are quite difficult to explain.
A few things are difficult to adhere to, but if not done will lead to and result in chaos and confusion while in the present with regards to future.
A few things are difficult to know,
initially at first instance itself,
but still the mind remains firm,
makes a clear resolution that at all cost I will know and learn this new thing of which I have got something at the back of my mind.

Amongst everything and all that you know,
one thing remains clear for sure,
where there is a will there is a way,
make a way of your own and if that’s not possible,
then find one.

Interesting are the ways of life when it seems that things will fall in place,
but then it takes much more time than what’s required by them initially to fall in there respective places and then to follow them with regards to what's next that needs to be done.

Most of the time the desire to achieve success in life is not greater than the drive that is gathered in mind over a period of time,
success then becomes a part of life and life seems beautiful.
Definitely, where there is a will there is a way.
aniket nikhade Aug 2016
As long as you live
So long as you live
Always remember
There is no such thing as tomorrow
Whatever is there is with regards to the present moment in time and that belongs to today itself.

So always remember
Keep it in mind
Get it registered in your mind somewhere
Give your best for the present only and things will eventually turn out to be fine
Agree or don’t agree, tomorrow never comes
Better to go on with what is there in mind with regards to the present moment in time and life will be fine.

Yet another moment passes by
Yet another day progress
Life goes on
Life continues
Life follows with regards to what is going on in the mind
Life follows.

— The End —