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Lu Sep 2019
I like to believe, we meet people for a reason,
Wether God sent me to change your life,
Or God sent you to change mine.
Lu Sep 2019
I can stand him
       not loving me-
       I can't stand him
       loving her.
Lang Lean
Lu Sep 2019
You were the one
          I wanted most
          to stay.

But time could not
          be kept at bay.

The more it goes,
          the more it's gone,
          the more it takes away.
- Land Leav
Lu Sep 2019
I'd rather set myself on fire,
than see you hurting.
Lu Sep 2019
It's going to be hard,
I can't promise you enough,
As the weakness cuts throughout your body,
You will break down at some points.
Don't give up yet-
Never give up!
Always get up
And keep on going,
Cause soon you'll get there,
You'll get where you need,
You'll get in peace
And happiness.
And once you get there,
The so called state of heaven,
You'll break down in happy tears
And nothing will hide the matters.
Lu Aug 2019
He watched with pleasure,
As I slowly fell in love with him every single day
And pretended to feel the same way,
But he, not even once, thought to tell me,
That we would never happen
And it didn't bother him,
Not even a bit.
Lu Aug 2019
A little moment, that lasts forever,
To glance at you, as the whole world stops,
A second that lasts for an eternity,
Adrenaline for nothing,
Heart jumping out of your mouth
And warmth, even on the coldest night.
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