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may  Jun 2018
may Jun 2018
Hey I’m really sorry you feel this way
Nobody should feel the way you say you do
You’re an amazing person
I’ve been telling you this a lot lately

Ever since the night on the Ferris Wheel
Cliche I know right and even though
you were freaking out most of the ride
We had a bonding moment

I might’ve not held you in my arms (ha)
But I feel closer to you dude
Heck you’re the first person I told about
the crazy event happening in my life right now
Your advice is always good so don’t doubt yourself for a second

I’m really glad we’ve re-build our bond
And I appreciate you at lot
I just wanted to write this.
Rahama Aug 2018
If I comment
Three hearts beneath your poem
It means that
I love love love your work

Sometimes I have too much to say
Or nothing to say at all
But I love to appreciate beautiful words
Because beautiful words should be appreciated

I love when my words mean something
To you reading
And a lot of your words mean something to me too
So I put it all into these
Three little hearts


Whether your poetry is from a dark place
Or from a light heart
Whether something bad happened
Or something good started
If you shared it
And I saw it
And appreciate it
You'll find three little hearts
Beside my name
Beneath your work
In a format like this -

Rahama Abdulkadri ❤❤❤.
I mean it though. If you find my three hearts, then I truly love your work. There are so many great poems out there, expressing so many feelings and I don't know where to start from sometimes or what to say so this is my way.
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