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Star BG Mar 21
Broken heart,
I shall fix  
to move inside peace.

Broken things,
I will mend
to hold with smiling eyes.

Broken dreams,
I shall repair
to grow new grand ones.

Broken relationships
I shall mend
to reconnect with family.

Broken life,
I will fix
inside gratitude
and celebration.
Star BG Mar 20
Broken heart,  I shall fix  -- kintsukuroi
Broken things, I will mend -- kintsukuroi
Broken dreams, I shall repair -- kintsukuroi
Broken life, I will fix -- kintsukuroi
Inspired by Edmund Black

There is nothing that can't be repaired with time and the right intention.

And even when death separates the pain can be repaired with the mortar of memories and knowing life is eternal.

kintsukuroi- is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using resin laced with gold or silver. kintsukuroi has a deeper philosophical significance. An embracing of the flawed or imperfect. A rebirth.
Lunar Aug 2017
with your imperfect edges
you are perfect enough
to be filled in
you may be cracked
you may be broken, even

but what matters is
you know how to put yourself
back together
with gold
called self-love

you see,
you're holding yourself up
and you can see your old ***** marks
emphasized from the gold
but that only adds to your life story
of how you became whole again

many people think brokenness
is destruction
but it's an art
when you realize you can fix yourself
you know you're unbreakable within
so just be and stay you
to wjh, pjh, and to everyone out there:
you are perfect in your own imperfect way
and i adore you for being yourself

Beau Grey Apr 2017
I feel closest to him
in moments,
when he finally
allows me
to see
c r a c k

He told me once
that my sadness makes me selfish.
Well I think his lack of sadness
makes him so.

I imagine
how much closer
we could be.

Just him and I,
without his ******,
******* facade.

You *******,
Crumble into a hundred
tiny pieces.

Learn how
you can be more beautiful
for being broken.
Don't you think I'm beautiful?
I'm a mosaic,
a ******* art form.


I'll be nothing but gold
one day.
Kintsukuroi (“golden mend”) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver.
Lora Lee Dec 2016
My heart
has cracked open
like the most
fragile of
viscous fluid
drips d
upon the plate
filled with
spidercracks that
threat to
quake into
and eventually
piece off into
and only when
I can finally
unfold myself
from these
embryonic bends
fetal stretches
and folds
that never end
only then my arms
reach out
into the night
in tiniest of beams,
in one fell ******
of midnight kismet
I find you
around me
in colored chromium
wrapping me up
filling my
wounded sutures

so many other things listened to as well...
Samantha Mar 2015
I say don't let failures define you.
Let them shape you.
The most beautiful ones are the flawed.

— The End —