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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, why does it seem like we abandon the other planets?:)

threatened on the nights

on the skeptic luxuries they ignite

other insecurities come to highlight

abandoning wants of dark carries that were once in hindsight

not sure if marvelous from the precious of the might hopes tied

clouds of mutual Venuses or Mercurys to collide

on backgrounds of relate of lonely to define

styling a vintage glass of polished wines

not a drink but the dime

not a dime but the inside

Poetic T Apr 2020
We are but cadavers of memory,
                   cleansing the shore line

of word..

But sometimes we find
                that this shell will inexplicitly wash up again

more polished than before.
Now I remain a polished stone
The river coursing around me
In soft and easy contours
Yet my life was not always known
By this harmonious flow

But craggy and rough, long ago
Struck ten million times
By rocks and sand and more
My smooth and glossy skin, I owe
To turbulence and tumbling

Even water alone shaped me
By sheer endurance and patience
Grinding and wearing
Turning me into what you see
A smooth and polished stone

So wonder not that you feel worn
And feel struck by blows undeserved
Count this for a purpose
For with the tossing you are born
A smooth and polished stone
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A Polished Stone was inspired by a talk in church a week or so ago.  The speaker (my neighbor and friend) talked about how stones in a river get tumbled and parts broken off of them until they eventually get rounded and polished.

Then he likened that to us and how we also get polished by time by getting our rough edges worn off.

It's OK to have a stone in your path.  It's OK to get worn a bit - you'll simply be more polished.
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