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ATILA Nov 2020

Someone’s going to laugh on how you lose your spectacles while you’re actually wearing them
Someone’s going to be interested on how you enjoy your food, or work, or sleep
Someone’s going to understand your current feeling just from the way you exhale
Someone’s going to adore on how you hold the frustration when your thoughts were misplaced that day
Someone’s going to tie your knots and complete the constellation of your puzzled mind
Someone’s going to bite her lips, seeing your face lights up when you’re talking about sports
Someone’s going to be in awe of your soul — an infinite library that she craves to peruse forever
Someone’s going to ask you about the mountains you want to conquer, and the battle you would survive after setting only barefooted
Someone’s going to listen to your rant about the regrets that slithered under your skin, ****** the bloodstream, and took you over
Someone’s going to fall in love with your human parts — the depth of you, and every photon that shines in between your broken limbs.

Someday, someone will come. Just have trust religiously.
She is that someone.
ATILA Nov 2020
Sit down here for a while
Look up and observe the sky
With a kaleidoscope of dreaming eyes
Contemplate how the stars shine
Complementing the beauty of night
Brazing to be the brightest sight
Bearing the heat by constant burning
Just to illuminate one’s world.

Turn your face beside
And savour my talking heart
A canvas made of refined stardust
Count the sparks of it
That complete anxious dots from your stare
Faith in myself when I say
Your tender existence already be the best being
Your enchanting gaze lights up dusky room I was lost in
Your warm embrace convects my flower’s needs
Makes it fully blooming.

You are solely my star
And I’m eternally stargazing.
“Am I your star?”
“Of course my dear, you are my star.”
ATILA Sep 2020
You are like sublime light at the scarlet sky before the sun sinks into the horizon.

Mesmerizing, but momentary.
ATILA Aug 2020
This is the right time to tell her your heart is actually beating her name. All you should do is open your door and say, “Come in.” Lock your door and throw the key to the seventh sky.
Let me in.
ATILA Aug 2020
Announce that you love me. At least to your best friends. I can’t bear to think that I’m not your trophy to be proud of. I can’t accept that my ray of light becomes dimmer day by day. I can’t stand the thought of sitting like a tomb in your soul, camouflaging with darkness that engulfs all sense of love. I can’t swallow the fact your face didn’t spark when you said I was your everything. I can’t comprehend when my existence in your world ain’t shimmer like a dewdrop catching the sun.

Announce that you love me. At least to your siblings. I don’t want to stay timid in the darkest compartment of your heart. I refuse to admit that you ignore me in four days — summer, autumn, winter and spring; three days — yesterday, today and tomorrow; two days — day and night; one day — everyday. I deny that you don’t feel immortal anymore when I linger around you. I oppose the idea of maybe your love to me is paperweight.

Announce that you love me. At least to your heart. Do my picture still be your favourite wallpaper? Do your heart palpitates everytime you hear my name?  Do my warm embrace puts an end to your insecurities? Do your mind still replays our memories of spending time together when sun came out, and we were miles away from anywhere? Do. I. Actually. Exist. In. Your. Universe?

I never doubt my love to you. It is you who should stop underappreciating me, and start loving again.
Stop taking love for granted.
ATILA Mar 2020
If you let me in
I’d bundle up all your insecurities
and create a new constellation from them
I’d shift my whole attention to you
like sunflowers turning to the sun
I’d build an observatory
to verify that stars in the sky
are not as brighter as you
I’d fight to be your gravity
so that you would stay still with me every second
I’d ask the moon to tell the night
how charming you are
when you wink a star from your smile.

I know you don’t see yourself
as worth as I see you
But hey, here are functions of a partner
To remind that you worth a galaxy
To be flooded with your presence
To prove that you orbit in my atom
To be thankful for your holy existence
To show that you are the first snowflake in my winter
and my spring’s first bloom.

If and only if you let me in
and be your absolute sanctuary.
Happy World Poetry Day!
ATILA Mar 2020
Do you realise actually
it’s the little details of you that ignite my weary soul?
How shy you look
when I told you that your face is a whole art
Or the way you nervously talk
when your eyes are locked into mine
Or when you refuse to leave first
though we already spent 25 hours that day
Or how your ‘I’m always here for you’
becomes an absolute assurance
Or the way you update about you to me,
even provide pictures
Or when you lovely mention my name
that I end up fangirling over your voice a second after
Or how your daily compliment
puts a period to my insecurities
Or your journey to complete the broken me in dark
even if your eyes are closed.
These seem insignificant to some
but your aura runs through my vein
That I thought about stitching you into my skin for real
So that I’ll experience these little details eternally.
A less-than-10-minutes written poem.
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