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ATILA Feb 10
i.     He calls me sunshine.
ii.    He hypes up my pictures.
iii.   He reaches me every day.
iv.   He tries to speak in my favourite language.
v.    He absolutely knows how to flatter me with love.
vi.   He spams me with morning and night wishes.
vii.  He still makes time for me out of his packed schedule.

Best of all, he is **** serious with his life vision with me.

— seven things I thought they wouldn’t happen to the insignificant me, before you serendipitously came into my life.
I seem already fall in love with you.
ATILA Jan 29
I hope when I walked into that place and bumped into you, my whole body did not react like it had many times before. I’d wait for my ultimate existence to completely abandon me, for my lips to shut down from glueing any smile, and for my legs to freeze up to fall to the ground weeping at your sight. But nothing happened. Nothing. Happened. There was no chemistry bonded inside me when we locked eyes. I couldn’t sense any wavelength between us anymore. I couldn’t feel any spark of electricity in my universe that I dreamed to live with you. You just looked like a regular guy with your regular hairstyle, nothing profound about you. My heart must have cleansed itself of you due to many late-night cry, must have gotten tired of me blaming myself for what had happened, and squeezed the feeling out of me while I was busy engulfing in tears.

Though we were both in the same ship, we were actually stayed in different cabins. Though we dreamed to revolve entirely around us, I was still galaxies away from you.
[Tilla, 29/01/2020, 11:00 p.m.]. Inspired from Rupi Kaur.
We are astronouts of mind
landing on each others’ moon
just to discover the beauty
behind those distinct craters.

We are astronouts of soul
reaching to each others’ star
to divulge the perfect imperfection
lying from those twinkle.

After attaining in the new dimension
Your eyes are locked on mine
So that I can perceive vast galaxy
instead of just pupils.

And when you smile at me
every ounce of my breath
floats like midnight smoke
that refuses to vanish.
A little throwback with some sense of feeling.
ATILA Dec 2019
He often rejects to talk passionately
when he insecures I won’t anticipate
about his plain day
or his current read
or the cosplay he dreams to wear
or the animé figure he recently bought
or just
his absurd thought two seconds ago.
Little did he know
I’d negotiate every inch of mine
just to forever listen to his chatters
that actually send electricity to my bloodstream.
I wonder
what had the universe conspired
to create this worthy man—
my one stable force
and make me fall in love to him
even deeper.
ATILA Mar 2019
To put an effort to read
Is on another level of powerful deed
Though you only learn 0.1% from it
When it's actually the other 99.9% you should heed
Don't demoralized, just don't quit!
Cause there'll be a day when you can use this minuscule knowledge
As a whole merit
To eliminate one's ignorance livid.
A 10-minutes poem.
ATILA Mar 2019
Here is a poor cat
Striped, sweet and shy
Minding its own world
But somehow feel grateful
For the touch of me
Who is passing by.

With saint hazel eyes
This cat artlessly purrs
To provoke a symbiosis between us
Surpisingly soothes my blue whale heart.

It also seeks for a comfy gesture
That will fit just right
It is that simple and pure
And makes heart feel light.

What a purrfection cat!
That prides itself for having fur like velvet
But never acts like a brat
Leading me to give it a soft peck
Because we have a same wavelength
Plus wanting another species to cherish our rant
That sadly never ends.

There's a saying;
'Humans who think cats don't understand them are the stupidest ones'
So imma get all lovey dovey with this cat
See if you care.
Weird poem but OK :(
  Feb 2019 ATILA
what do you want?

the money
the fame
the ***?

the name
the brains
and a heavy pay-check?

do you want the lies
the rage
the meaningless objects?

or can you tell
it is a facade
to shame
your intellect?
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