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Faith Dec 2018
She’s my sunshine
She’s my love
She’s my fighter
My inner peace, my dove

She’s my supporter
She’s my answer
She’s my listener
I couldn’t live without her

She’s my protector
She’s my inspiration
She’s my forgiver
Yeah, she’s a sensation

She’s my healer
She’s my new day
Without her
I wouldn’t be who I am today
This is dedicated to my best friend Mackenzie. I appreciate her so much so I wrote something for her
Wyatt Dec 2018
Only after a storm can you truly appreciate a clear sky.
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
We all have a choice
It’s what we choose
That determines our path
So do so carefully
Because it easy to lose
Our way
When we spend more time
Focused on what we want
Then appreciating what we have
slr Nov 2018
“I’m sad.”
“She gets more likes on Instagram than I do.”

“I’m happy.”
“I have a bed to sleep on.”

“I’m sad.”
“My parents won’t buy me a car.”

“I’m happy.”
“I have food today.”
Why not be content with today?
Hurricane Oct 2018
If you felt it too ,
why didn't you speak ?
Did you feel scared ?
was it just me who panicked ?
Perhaps you'd gotten so good at hiding it ,
that by the end it meant nothing ,
a deep fear ,
a confusion unknown .

If you felt it too ,
you should've spoke .
Made me see what you felt ,
no matter how intense ,
I would've understood ,
perhaps even agreed .
But now it's too late and the feelings are fading .

Summer mislead me ,
but autumn has power .
for the last him who changed me
Speak Slowly Oct 2018
You know... sometimes I just want to be understood. But most of the time I'm ignored and misunderstood. I just want people to read me like an open book, maybe its because I'm prideful, but I end up keeping it all to myself. I'm so doubtful of the people around me, I call you friend but I question if its OK to open up to you.. friend. Too many shattered friendships, broken trust and broken hearts. A life where relationships are turmoil, when things are falling apart, I know other things are falling into place. Sometimes you just need space to figure things out you know? But stay too long and it can be self destructive, emotionally and physically. People say I shouldn't worry about the past, but that's where I learnt the most valuable lessons and sadly, a lot of people take that for granted. Blood stained history built what has become our destiny now. Good or bad, I'm just glad to look back and appreciate what I know now. If someone opens up to you, just know that you have earned their respect. Appreciate every aspect of it, because once you lose it, it could be gone forever.
Day 26
Anya Sep 2018
Some people like my poetry
when I realize that
it's like a little
to my system
it's literally my thoughts

Slightly filtered?

Extra line breaks
to gain the
I require?

But, it's still basically

my thoughts
And people seem to
actually find
i n t e r e s t i n g
this is surely
the case with
many poets
not all
I'm sure,
of the ones I read


It's really

How we are able
to appreciate
each other's

Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
A productive day
I went to a film screening
Fun, but I'm so drained
I'm so fricking tired right now.
And I gotta be in early tomorrow.
Well, I'm off to bed!
Thank you so much for 237 followers!
Im sorry I'm so inactive, the course is so demanding.
As the weeks go, its getting harder and harder...I really appreciate it though!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
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