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Irakli Beria Mar 28
I know it's a difficult time,
Understand that you are characteristic
And so on -
- Despite being characteristically
You are still excellent ...

As for my current mood,
It is very similar to the last minutes of the apocalypse
Feel the love.
Lay Down Your Arms
by Michael R. Burch

Lay down your arms; come, sleep in the sand.
The battle is over and night is at hand.
Our voyage has ended; there's nowhere to go . . .
the earth is a cinder still faintly aglow.

Lay down your pamphlets; let's bicker no more.
Instead, let us sleep here on this ravaged shore.
The sea is still boiling; the air is wan, thin . . .
lay down your pamphlets; now no one will “win.”

Lay down your hymnals; abandon all song.
If God was to save us, He waited too long.
A new world emerges, but this world is through . . .
so lay down your hymnals, or write something new.

Keywords/Tags: Armageddon, apocalypse, end, time, arms, race,  nuclear, winter, eve, destruction, nukes, final, countdown
CGW Mar 25
Seldom are the streets quiet
The children age by the window light
Outside it is spring

March brings the turning of the cold
The adults fester and rot, feeding themselves to their resting places

Wicked things brew far and wide
Sizzling and spewing like acid dissolving bone and flesh

The morning moon glimmering
Time has burned itself to the wax
Everyone is meandering their minds
Searching for a smooth door handle to grasp

There are doors but none to open
There are windows but none to peer out of
There are cars but no one to steer them
This is the apocalypse
God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we would have ***** other
than our sister or brother
eager to reach the shooting range we slammed the shuttle door
on our captain’s silver crown
in a sea spilling from His ichor
sack punctured by our hubris we drown-
memes and cat videos worth dying for

We set fire to the shuttle
gasp as our air begins to leave
Amazon(s) choose to scuttle
trees land and humans need to breathe
a musk most putrid rises as we cannibalize our space ex
who’s so far gone as to not come back
her zombie bridezilla tirade wrecks  
our plan it removes futures from the trajectory track

God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we reduced our target to soot
we revelled in our high score
not feeling the pain in our shot foot
and the cats still in secret revery dance their funny jig
sardonic wit stuffed still in every blank screen -small or large-
on the skeleton of our ghastly ghost space rig
reduced to rubble by a friendly depth charge.

God gave us the stars to shoot for
it was we who chose to use a gun
we chose to ram through the door
not checking if it was open
God gave us the stars to shoot for
leaving the details for us to decide
rockets to be built to make war or explore
as shuttlecraft for a human slingshot ride
an arching advance into the beauties of
our Creator made for us to enjoy in love
Missi Oliver Mar 19
Violets in my hair

Whiskey on my breath

Neon letters scrawled across my porcelain chest

Heaven looks so far away

That which makes me envision

Also steals my youth

Like an ancient smoke cloud thieves the mood

In one small stroke

Of my feathered ink pen

I could sign away the future
J J Mar 16
O  how we have aged
         mother Earth...
**** the world it can die kind of mood tonight
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 14
We are the forsaken son of Noah
And   water keeps flooding
we are the small tiny ant we step on
Without even knowing

We are on our own
Scared to the bone
And The end is coming soon

We  Got no ark
And the road is dark
We can't change fate
But surely we can bark.
Kai Mar 13
why worry the world
it is inevitable
we will start again
I don't know about you but I've been joking about a new plague being due for awhile now. So yeah, wish come true. Humans are messing things up anyway it's time for the apocalypse.
This silence between us,
broken by the sound
of the rain on the rooftops.

This aching in my bones,
like they’re splintering under the weight
of this collapse.

The sun
doesn’t warm my skin like it should; nothing is left to fill this void.
It’s a new dawn.

of tired footsteps through a desolate, empty town
reverberating off concrete walls and asphalt
but somehow never make a sound.

on this discord, the situation that we’re in - an impasse and it's a disposition that’s wearing thin.
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