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Natalie Jan 21
I haven’t forgotten
the sound of your voice
or the way lines form
next to your eyes
when you smile
I’m sure you’ve forgotten
those things about me
and everyday that passes
I think less and less
about that
or whether or not
you think of me or
if you lose sleep at night
like I did over you
The earth still turns
the sun still shines
and today is still today
with or without you
“sooner rather than later”
Natalie Jan 2
And then
quite unexpectedly
the sound of your laugh
unties the knots
I have been keeping around my soul
your eyes
are intense
and I’m scared
don’t make me regret this


Tetra Hachiko Dec 2021
Freedom from your ties
I have silenced those lies
in my head from your attempts
to convince me I'm the bad guy
It's been nearly 2 years
Yet on and off I yearned
To hear your voice say many things
For the closure it could bring
But I got it for myself
my heart I did weld
back together all on my own
For so much I have grown
Keep Moving Forward
I used to be so tortured
But I left behind your baggage
Now I can take advantage
Of my new mind and body
No longer foggy
The rain has passed
Relaxed, enhanced, I have finally advanced.
Yrso May 2021
At 3 AM, passion strikes
All the things you wanted to do
All the things you've failed to do
Everything all at once

It's all gone now,
Haunted mamories
Yet it's very much alive
Beating, pounding; still hurting

We're going through it again
Just like we did yesterday
Let go of what you can't control
And give your all for what you can

Cry for what you've lost
Fight for what's still there
Surrender to the pain
But hold on to what you've gain

Giving up, it is a gift
Of freedom,
Of starting again
Releasing to make space

Giving up is starting again
To not give up of what's left:
Under those failures and pain,
Your dream and calling remains

Come now,
Lay it down
And start anew
'Tis the day of endings and beginnings
Get out of your prison. It's time to be freed and start again.
Sakshi Balla Mar 2021
And now the world is ending
but you didn't come over, alright.
this is my version of song "if the world is ending" by julia michaels and jp saxe
Purusottam Apr 2020
The wasted years — four years of my life
Demons of mind, battles I'd to strive
The poor choices and all my hidden fears
The mess of my life and unseen tears

Blue Eyes begin to strain and heart starts to race
Can't even face family, friends and a crowded place
Shivering body and a bunch of crazy thoughts
Tightened chest and heavy breathe, the drought  I'd fought

Finally, it's all  over wishing a happy new year
It's the end of 2018, the month of December
2019 — a new beginning I've been waiting for
2019 — a new beginning  I've been waiting for
Jonna Adam Aug 2019
Writing a new book...
With new characters...
And new story line...
I have been fooling myself...
Holding on to an older book...
With past characters...
Which have already wrote new chapters...
Without me...
May be it’s time for me be part of a new book...
And not the rusty old book...
Even though the rusty old book was once my life...
Let you be reference for my new one...
Not my griefs or broken promises...

— Joanna Adam
Ameed Jul 2019
Send me back to where I belong
Cut the wings you made of feather
I cannot live where I feel wrong
I’ll never stand this change of weather

Make me feel good once again
Let the aching leave my head
I feel the dribbling down my chin
While trying to sleep in my so-called bed.
Taylor Broussard Jun 2019
Warm Summer Day, 2018
Sun on our backs, Wind in my hair
Sweet tea kisses, Sunshine smiles
Ed Sheeran and Slow dances
Twinkling blue eyes, My glimmering brown
What goes around comes back around

Hot Summer Night, 2019
Piercing words, Thorns sticking out
Waterfall tears, Red hot anger
Secrets and lies coming to the light
Your true colors showing as bright as the 4th of July
Cutting you completely out of my life
This is two memories put into one story formed into a poem about a nine year chapter of my life that I'm finally finished writing.
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