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Francie Lynch Jul 2020
My grandchildren will read
The year had already passed,
By the time they were born,
To stop climate change.
I don't know how they will get the information.
I don't know when they will get the information.
I don't know from what or whom it will be delivered,
Or how it will be communicated.
I'm sure the news won't and shouldn't come from me;
Although it came duplicitously from me, and others;
Driving them everywhere, flying around, BBQing animals.
And all the entrapments of a twentieth century middle class life.
The grandkids will have serious questions,
Like Why?
I have loved you to death.
Will there be any to answer
When the signal arrives in 2070?
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
almost caught around cold marble corners,
stealing strawberries
never noticed by the common crowds,
painfully singled out by the mobs
snatching frozen kisses through double sided mirros,
make me look conceded
silver moments savored by golden windows,
showing worlds who never cared
wondering why we are labeled as villain,
they are the crude smokes that filling ****** skies
contaminated by pleas of those who perspire over you,
fall me upon silent ears
slink around in dark damp under-secret tunnels,
intials engraved within an immature heart pressured into perfection by natural issues
pollution, famine, war, death
four horsmen ready to ride unto an unforgiving world,
but i am the best
the horsemen can never outrun me
i'll always be just behind the almost-loyal congregations, lying in wait amongst the shadows not cowering,
waiting for their side effects to set in
it never takes long
for the noble steeds stomp upon my seeds of doubt,
pressing them firmly in with blood, sweat and tears
first, little sprouts, then large blinding leaves and rolling suffocating vines with poison thorns
don't ***** yourselves children, the fear will set in
hello, freshman year
Aseh Nov 2016
I know what I want:

Hands pushing
heartbeats pumping
syllables into temples
leaning in
to your liveliness
hooked on
your sleeping bell,
there we are:

Sitting in a smoky attic
creaking in uncertainty
Teasing out vibrations
invading our airspaces,
I'm explaining to you
the legal differences
Between licensees
And invitees but neither of
Us remember why,
there we are:

Climbing back down to earth
You disappear first:
A wordless fixture cloaked in blackness.
I blindly step forward to follow you
But the wood caves and I come
crashing through
the ceiling

But you
in your magic haze,
Suddenly snapping
forward poised to
Envelop me just
I shatter.

It was dark but I could see you better.

Maybe neither of us are explained away
by stereotypes,
our identities
mired in contradictions
more like intricate mirrors
than we could have ever imagined.

And all
You worried about
Was me
And all
I worried about
Was how
you were going to explain that hole
in the ceiling
to your mom.
Alienpoet Sep 2016
Apocalypse redux
Interacting with our tear ducts.
We fly our flags
Until they are draped on our coffins
While weapons are tested by boffins
Sold to our enemies
Who fire them at us
While pop stars can only sing
Insipid love songs
What happened to protesting?
That's right we have give notice to the powers that be
The government which seems to control the BBC
So protests don't get reported
We are more interested in who gets deported
Than helping mankind
We bombed their countries to the brink of annihilation
Is there no room in our nihilism?
That is in our souls
We are more short sighted than moles
Love is only favouritism when we don't extend it to all of the human race
Compassion has died God cradles their face.
Hales Feb 2016
"I love you"
"I love you more”
Was the only thing heard in the dead silent building

Blood stains the walls..
There's a body in room 15
Rotting and decomposing

It wasn’t always this dreary
the sun actually came out
birds sang...
Animals roamed free...

But now everything is gone,
the birds are dead
the animals are rabid..
Even the sun seems to be afraid to show its face

Humanity is dying,
a disease has affected everyone.
Patient 0 is long dead..
So are thousands of others

Life is coming to an end as we know it.
7.4 billion people
g o n e
Just like the wind

It took a day,
a week maximum.
Now only the strong survive.

Everyone thinks they’re alone,
maybe they are.
Some can’t handle it.
Some have hope for the future

Gunshots go off
the building echos;
broken windows like amp for the sound

inside this building we see
two people
one man
one woman
a bullet was all it took.
Im still at writers block; but im trying
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
I have a secret stash,
A tool box and an escape plan.
I can blend into a crowd,
Keep extra light bulbs
And a can of gasoline, a roll of tape.
There are no dull knives in the cutlery,
All the coats are on hangers,
Just in case of the drill.

When the air temp drops
I feel a hand grap my ankle.
The chance of headless horses
Clopping on asphalt afire is unlikely,
There'll be no open graves or walking dead.
The sun could blacken;
But certainly, no voice will proclaim,
In whom I am well-pleased.

It took ten thousand years
To fashion a bone hammer,
And when I passed it
I kicked it aside.
Jackie Skidmore Jun 2015
As I look around I can clearly see the once ease and hustle of life
Now all that remains is a void
Even the wind which gave the illusion of life to everything it touched has gone nothing much
And so the stillness taints everything I see
Now even the quiet is chaotic, nothing left to breath the air
To move the trees
Alone and dying
I sit crying
Left to my bittersweet memories of life.
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