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Simon Nader Apr 2019
Do you know who I am
The nightmare in your eyes
It's the future now
And it's as dark as me

Do you have any hope
Plug them out
The system is down
And so I am

I am Apocalypse
I am the fall of man
I am Apocalypse
I am the fall of man

Welcome to the tower
Of digital prison
Inside your mind
You become myself

Is this the future
That is deep for you
I just don't care
If you'd suffer... ALONE

I am Apocalypse
I am the darkness in man
I am Apocalypse
I am the evil eye

I am Apocalypse
I am Apocalypse
You created me...

(Instrumental break)

You believe you are free
Think once again
Been watched all over
I am watching you

You feel safe inside
The danger is around you
And you cannot see
I am your worst enemy

I am Apocalypse
I am the invisible
I am Apocalypse
I am the darkness that is you

I am Apocalypse
I laid this hell
I am Apocalypse
I'm in... for the ****
Yes I go, yes go to seek a Great Apocalypse

One that will unravel the complex elaboration of difference

To articulate a perpetual aesthetic with violated codes

Of the experience of illusions of temporal stimulus

That are beyond all compass and soothe a fragmentation

Oh Great Apocalypse of beauty whose deception finds strategies

For youthful prodigality and binds me to your inarticulation

An embodiment of beleaguered and charmed fictions

Whose artifice is the governance of generous impulses

As such sway about me with a harmony of moral disquiet

Inadequate in description of the qualities of their oppression

Yet oh great apocalypse there is a plausible generosity

In these pale assumptions of impatience which carry

The obligations of a universally shared human existence

Compelling a projection of charged issues on competing claims

For the enigmatic logic of life

Yes Great Apocalypse now I understand all thought

From Everywhere and for Always