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Simon Nader Apr 2019
Do you know who I am
The nightmare in your eyes
It's the future now
And it's as dark as me

Do you have any hope
Plug them out
The system is down
And so I am

I am Apocalypse
I am the fall of man
I am Apocalypse
I am the fall of man

Welcome to the tower
Of digital prison
Inside your mind
You become myself

Is this the future
That is deep for you
I just don't care
If you'd suffer... ALONE

I am Apocalypse
I am the darkness in man
I am Apocalypse
I am the evil eye

I am Apocalypse
I am Apocalypse
You created me...

(Instrumental break)

You believe you are free
Think once again
Been watched all over
I am watching you

You feel safe inside
The danger is around you
And you cannot see
I am your worst enemy

I am Apocalypse
I am the invisible
I am Apocalypse
I am the darkness that is you

I am Apocalypse
I laid this hell
I am Apocalypse
I'm in... for the ****
Yes I go, yes go to seek a Great Apocalypse

One that will unravel the complex elaboration of difference

To articulate a perpetual aesthetic with violated codes

Of the experience of illusions of temporal stimulus

That are beyond all compass and soothe a fragmentation

Oh Great Apocalypse of beauty whose deception finds strategies

For youthful prodigality and binds me to your inarticulation

An embodiment of beleaguered and charmed fictions

Whose artifice is the governance of generous impulses

As such sway about me with a harmony of moral disquiet

Inadequate in description of the qualities of their oppression

Yet oh great apocalypse there is a plausible generosity

In these pale assumptions of impatience which carry

The obligations of a universally shared human existence

Compelling a projection of charged issues on competing claims

For the enigmatic logic of life

Yes Great Apocalypse now I understand all thought

From Everywhere and for Always

And when they Open up
Their hearts & SOUL
On display to the society and world

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


The modern age we live in
Where each person is hidden behind
A fake mask of artificial shallow-ness
Speaking parroted knowledge
Of ineffectual education

When LOVING dismantles
Such faulty veils of life

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

BELOVEDz-LOVERz always shower
Joy and happiness to one-another

Only they understand
The hidden POWERS of LOVE

Read between the lines of these words
Understand what LOVER-Z eyes are saying

Blink in synchronized ONENESS
The world will wake-up from
Their wasted slumber of
Rat-racing success, power & wealth

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


When the heart of flowers
Will burn with LOVE
Those times the dew drops
Will emit insatiable LOVE fire

This season
When the Nature will nurture
LOVE flowers to bloom
In every corner of planet earth

The sky will adore itself
With a billion color rainbows

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

APOCALYPSE - meaning "An Uncovering"
Disclosure of knowledge or revelation
Six times life has trembled,
At the passing of apocalypse.

Each time,
Three causes were possible:



And Earth.

From heaven, asteroids could fall,
And throw up curtains on the world,
Or passing waves of cosmic fire
Would strip away the clouds.

From hell, the waters of Styx
Might slip through terrestrial cracks,
Then rise as gas,
To heat the world as sheets of floating glass.

Between the two:
Animals themselves
Could mediate the flow
Of Earthly poisons.

Of the three apocalypses
Born on Earth,
Their horsemen are:
The progenitors of atmosphere:
Primordial Cyanophyta,
Then Archeopteris, first of the trees,
And inventor of the root,
And last:
Humanity ourselves,
The apes who play with fire.

Apocalypse number one was caused
When Cyanophyta -
Named for the blue-green colour
Possessed by these bacterial worms -
Learned to inhale the Sun.

They breathed in photons,
Filtered through a heavy atmosphere,
And exhaled an ocean of oxygen,
That filled the skies with ******.

Then the world was a canvas painted
With a single simple transformation:
The land – which then was only iron –
Was touched, naked
By the breath of blue snakes
And so the wide metallic continent of Ur,
Was racked from coast to coast
With rust.

The world’s iron skin absorbed oxygen like cream;
So that, when the global epithelium
Could take no more,
The new air rose,
And thinned the heights,
And all the gathered warmth of centuries
Escaped into the stars.

Then – an interlude of flame –
Comets fell on reddened ice,
And the planet’s molten core restored
The stratospheric glass,
And the world was hot once more.

Next, Archeopteris:
First of the trees,
As plant life rose to giants,
The primal soil of Gondwana
Was infiltrated
By the evolution of the root.

As vascular limbs drilled down to earth,
They plundered minerals,
From which these new goliaths
Grew fronds,
And then, upon the giants’ deaths,
Their carcasses were ill received
By little lives
Who could not hold their salt.

Then came the chaos of holy war:
Heaven rained and hell spilled up,
And so passed end times three and four,
Up to the kaleidoscope of teeth and claws
That was the age of dinosaurs.

Now the fifth apocalypse
Was Chicxulub:
A worldstorm in a meteor,
So named for baby birds
And the sound of Armageddon:
A knight in igneous armour,
Who killed the dragons of Pangaea.

Now, to the sixth.
As yet far less fatal than the rest,
But the first apocalypse
With eyes and ears,
Who sees the fire its engines breath,
And to its own destructiveness attests.

We began in the trees,
And once the planes were cleared of predators
By mighty Chicxulub,
We moved out onto the grass,
Stood up and freed our hands,
And learned to play with fire.

With it we loosed the energy
In roasted meat,
And poured the new-found resource
Into intellect,
Then wielding sapience,
We humans spread:
The first global superpredator,
We preyed on adults of apex species,
Tamed the world,
Then dreamt of gods
Who placed us at its helm.

We noticed then,
The manifold atomic dots
On the cosmic dice that cast us;
And stuttered in shock.

Our dreams of stewardship
Were dashed on revelations,
That we are the chaos
In the inherent synchrony of dust.

Refusing all potentials
That mirror the errors of our youth,
We let the title ‘sentinel’
Drift from loosened fingertips,
Any now by morbid self-assertion,
We mark ourselves:
The selfish sixth apocalypse.
Mike Jewett Feb 2015
Utuqaq, the apocalypse,
won’t burn us alive by fire, no.
Mayans never spoke of *muruaneq

even in predictions.

Pirtuk, the apocalypse:
left behind in snowy bark,
footprints of squirrels
alarming at circling eagles.

Matsaaruti, the apocalypse —
the walking dead are peonies
furrowed on tombs. They’re not the end
though singing bowls sing

our breaths, icy and visible.
Siguliaksraq, the apocalypse.
Earth is grey and white;
pukak - the coming snow.
For me the apocalypse is today,
as I lay in my pool of blood,
the world is ending,
I hear the sirens, a flashing ray,
I hear the paramedic say,
he won't live to see another day,
then I ask myself ,
why do I have to die this way,
making it my apocalypse,
my judgement day,
for as I die,
the world is ending
the world is dying with me,
everyday there is an apocalypse,
for everyone who dies,
and this one is mine.
Trent Bostick Jul 2012
Liquid shrapnel soothes the earth
Gunmetal flesh decays
The Apocalypse has come

Thunder resonates in the distance
Dragon eyes transcend the pewter sky
The Apocalypse has come

Sword of Odin
Valhalla awaits you
The Apocalypse has come
ghost queen Nov 2019
You ask why I am anxious, why i am depressed, let me list for you the reasons why:

Global warming
Melting glaciers
Polar vertices
Category 6 hurricanes
F5 Tornadoes
Wild fires
Snowless winters
Ice free arctic
Antarctic ice shelf collapse
Greenland glacier melting
Perma forst thawing

Ocean warming
Ocean acidification
Coral bleaching
Sea level rising
Coastal erosion
Over fishing
Fisheries collapse
Plankton extinction
Fertilizer run offs
Chemical pollution
Raw sewage dumping
Red algae blooms
Vibrio explosions

Ozone layer depletion
Lack of fresh potable water
Acid rain
Top soil depletion
Dead soil
Banana palm tree cultivation
Evasive species
Urban sprawl
Insect apocalypse
Animal extinction
Lower biodiversity
Bird apocalypse
Bee apocalypse
Bat apocalypse
Amphibian apocalypse

Aging nuclear power plants
Superfund sites
Radioactive contamination
Three mile island, Chernobyl, Fukushima
Endocrine disrupters
***** count collapse
Effeminization of men

Noise pollution
Light pollution
Chronic stress
Metabolic diseases
Over eating

Drug resistances
New and emerging diseases
Epidemics pandemics
Swine and bird flu
Genetic modification
Biotech tech
nano tech
genetic testing
Designer babies
Aging population
Health care rising
Unaffordable medications
Medicare of all
Medical bankruptcy
Social security bankruptcy

Rise of terrorism
Rise of extremism
Far right
Alt right
Lack of education
Masculine identity crisis
Emasculation of men
Decline of boys
Rise of girls

Increasing depression and anxiety
Increase anxiety depression among young girls
Lack of human connection
Social isolation
Social awkwardness
Snowflake generation
Disintegration of the family
Social media addiction
**** addiction
Drug addiction
Alcohol addiction

Lack of equality
Political corruption
New American aristocracy
Too big to fail
Privatize profits, socialize losses
Decline of democracy
Religious extremism
Religious tension
Political divisiveness
National unity
Second American civil war
Helplessness of the common man

Big data
Data protection
Internet tracking
Lost of privacy
Artificial intelligence
AI white collar job lost
AI automation
AI back office
Autonomous AI
5G supremacy
Quantum computer supremacy
Virtual reality
Augmented reality
Off shoring
On shoring

Over education
Under employment
Skills gap
3rd world immigration
La reconquista
Cultural dilution
Status quo
Declining economies
Housing crisis
Housing cost
Full employment
Race relationships
Increasing crime
Student loans
Credit card debt
High mortgages
7 year car loans
Inverse yield curve
52 week high

Military interventions
Social uprisings
Dwindling resources
Resources conflicts
Rare earth metals
Depletion of helium
Peak oil
Water wars
Climate refugees
A list of worries people face today that is causing anxiety and depression
Alex P Gara Nov 2011
To the last street sweeper on the eve of the apocalypse
Whose life partner is beauty
Who makes more sense in a minute of listening
Then we do in a lifetime of talking
Who paints olive trees and cypresses
And now knows it's not called crazy
It's called pain, and it will pass

To the last street sweeper on the eve of the apocalypse
Who wakes up an hour before he falls asleep
And yet, never stops dreaming
Who rewrites morality with every fraction of information intake
And remixes truth until we're left bobbing our heads
With no other choice than to just feel it

To the last street sweeper on the eve of the apocalypse
Whose children are freedom
Who walks in the rain while we plain get wet
Who wants nothing more than to want nothing more
Who only makes routine out of celebration
And love

To the last street sweeper on the eve of the apocalypse
Who ties masterpieces to rogue kites
And whispers nonsense into researcher's ears
Who knows that nobody is perfect
And takes the words "meant to be" very very seriously
Who exists
And is **** proud of that

To the last street sweeper on the eve of the apocalypse
Who revises his rewrites of morality
When information intake is remixed by reality
Until we're left shaking our heads
With no other choice than to think

Wait for me
And save me a glass
envydean Apr 2017
He started it all
The **** apocalypse
Castiel tells him it’s not his fault
But it is
There’s no one else to blame
He got himself sent to hell
Sold his soul for his own selfishness

He started it all
The **** apocalypse
He turns away
He won’t look at Castiel
It has to be him
You started it, you finish it
That’s what Castiel tells him

He started it all
The **** apocalypse
He’s not a hero
A tear slips down his face
And he hides it away
He’s not strong enough
Castiel takes his hand, warm and gentle

He started it all
The **** apocalypse
Castiel tells him he won’t leave him
Won’t let him stop the apocalypse alone
Tells him that he got him out of hell
That he broke the seal as well
Castiel still holds his hand, warm and gentle
Written for the Supernatural Poetry Challenge that I run on Tumblr. The prompt was the quote: "I'm not a hero, I'm not strong enough". This is a destiel version of the scene in 4x16
Megan Foukes  Jul 2015
Megan Foukes Jul 2015
The sky is falling
And my head is spinning.
It's the apocalypse,
And I'm on my own
This time.
Prepare for battle,
They say
Behind iron walls.
Arm yourselves
And protect your loved ones --
If you have any left.
No room for tears
No room for fear.
It's just me, myself, and I
In the middle of
The apocalypse.
The apocalypse
Created by me,
And destroyed
By only me.

— The End —