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A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Broken from

Broken, on top of it,
from poor choices I've made.

What's to come if I
can't fix myself?

I must overcome
my lesser nature.

Would it hurt to
have help?

Let me send
up a flare.

I lose to my sadness
from time to time,

but I want to heal,
and encourage truth,

and I want to mend
with the others who

even under
a thousand

love exists and
empathy lives.
uv May 2018
I went hunting on a summers day.
To find an animal that could lay
on my wall for a long long stay.
I saw zebras, giraffes and lions at prey,
I saw elephants and tigers sleeping, they lay
I aimed the trigger at the nearest i saw.
I saw a deer fallen with a broken jaw.
I wanted to help the poor old fellow.
Oh! how could i hurt the one in sorrow.
I got out of the safari van,
I came out and gave it a hand.
I aided it till it regained it strength.
I looked at it as it went.
It made me happy, you know!
May be my wall can wait some more!
Wrote this as an school assignment for my brother 2005..
an isle
of wealth
reclusively habitat
if credible
view of
turkeys when
feeding themselves
upon trumps
and there
is coming
this inhabitated
third world
now arbitral
very watchful
of nature
where it
has delved.
Maria is there
Zero Nine Sep 2017
Everyone dies, yes I do know this.
Have you noticed?

I smoke cigarettes.
I inject my sugar.
I neglect myself.

Everyone dies, yes I do know this.

I know your pain,
I ******* SHARE IT.

I know your kind.
I know all too well.

I know your kind.
"Why don't I ask for help?"

You see,
help is
to find

You see,
I'm no

I'm fine with that,
it's just, I can't get no
get no
get no
get no

I can't get no, get no

Why would I want my fingers over the flame?
Why would I bother calling out your name,
when I'll burn either way?

Can't get no (insert noun)

you know who you are.

you know i seldom go for hurt,

but you're a ******* *****.
Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Didn't have any loyal people since day one,
but i was loyal to me,
tell me how can a black man leave behind his son?
somebody tell me,
after all the ******* I've ever been through,
nobody ever aided me,
The quote on quote friends that use to have my back,
never talked me,
so what hell you want?
No don't try to talk to me now,
talking all out the side of your neck man i bet you feel proud,
there ain't no savior that could save you from the hate i afflict,
you hate me but there are bigger things , like massacres and corrupt establishments,
Ain't no time to be having fits,
Ain't no time to be taking trips,
Ain't no time to be wondering when your insecure mouth will
take a ****** spit,
the man in the clouds never speak,
And most of the time the clouds are poisoned,
I guess that must be the reason,
The devil's feces in the airwaves ain't no time for breathing.
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Birds come to aid of poets
who are stuck mid-air
They'll chirp and sing
their best song
that'll guide us long
and will take off
as soon as we drop the pen
to their own nest
Nox Mar 2017
I know it's stupid

and I know I shuld stop

but you are my cupid

while I feel like a prop.

It's been said you like me

but you never seem to show it

it felt like it's meant to be

and believe me I would quit

if I knew how, to be free
Paolo Garcia Mar 2016
Every cloud has a silver lining;
but, if a tumultuous storm
   appears on your head,
just call me and
   i'll be there
in a swift
I'm on fire and i can't get enough of you
Cuz you are surreal and one of the very few
Who can make me smile no matter what
So I will try to get you with my whole squad
Sometimes you just can't make things right by yourself!
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