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Kelsey 2d
Feel bad
For those that treated you poorly
And will never experience
Your light again.
They missed out
On something truly
Kelsey 6d
I know that I can do anything.

So why don't I?
Kelsey Oct 21
Sometimes life is like...

The light switch doesn't work
The car won't start
The door can't open
The room is too hot

The ground is so sticky
The air is blade-thin
The day is too bright
The night is full of sin
Kelsey Sep 4
Dont give up
On the real you
Just because
Others thought
You were
Someone else
Kelsey Jul 31
Like the moon,
Waxes and wanes.
Kelsey Jul 12
Is the hard brake of your car
After realizing you have a stop sign.
Watching the familiar pedestrian walk across the street in horror.
You could have killed them
If you didnt stop.
You didnt notice them.
Your mind was driving you with negative thoughts.
Snap out of it!
The person staring at the front of the car in fear
Is you.
Your thoughts almost killed you.
But that one good one
Saved your life.
Imagine what could happen,
If you just paid attention to the signs.
Kelsey Jul 7
Seek accomplishment in love

And you will never fail again
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