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Kelsey 3d
My mind thinks of the worst things I could do to you
The worst person I've ever met
With your slander
And lies
I could destroy you
And I want to
But I won't
Because then I become you
And I could never forgive myself for that.
I hate this person so much. With a burning passion all I want is to see them fall. But i know that is not the way to think if I want to be the bigger person. Its so hard to forgive when they don't think they need forgiveness.
Kelsey 6d
Betting on yourself is hard
When you have no money
But doubting yourself
Will cost more
Than your bet ever will
Kelsey Sep 1
Oh, world! Let me write!
Let me sling my pen across the page
Let me smash my fingers to the keys
Make them shake and break and bleed
"Its not easy being me"
I will write on top of a mountain
Write in the middle of a thundering wave
Speak unspoken words to thin-bladed air
Make my voice heard because
"Theres no one like me"
Let me essay the truth
Let me stanza the lies
Whatever you do
Just help me now
And let me write
I ask you
To stop.
Kelsey Sep 1
I ventured into the depths of my unruly heart to find the words that tasted like honey at sunrise.
Kelsey Aug 6
Ideas lick my brain at night.
Teasing me to pen the paper.
But indulgence is the oppsite
Of letting go.
I must sleep,
In order to dream.
Kelsey Jul 22
I jumped.

But I haven't fallen.
I no longer wanted to be stuck.
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