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Kelsey 6d
I haven't taken a nap in 3 days.

This might not sound like a big deal
Or a difficult task.
Maybe it doesn't sound like a task at all
For some people.

But for me it is huge.
Its an accomplishment.
A step forward.
A jumped hurdle.
Another check mark on my mental health journey.
And I don't give myself enough credit.

So here I am,
Assuring myself
That the small things,
Aren't small at all.
Kelsey Jan 6
You must cut the clay before you can mold the sculpture
Kelsey Jan 6
Knowing the ending before writing a book is like knowing how you will die before you are born
Kelsey Jan 6
No one has ever taken their first steps without first abandoning caution
Kelsey Dec 2020
I find myself reaching
For branches and vines
That make up family ties
Only to discover
That they break
And they tangle
Offering no support
In the cold brew
Of night
But when the sun shines
They are sturdy and forgiving

That's not the kind of family
I want to hold onto.
In hard times, you think family will help you and have your back. And then those hard times come and you realize it was all for show.
Kelsey Nov 2020
I cant remember
Who I am
What I've done
Or where I've been
Its too painful
The twist and turns
To swallow whole
Those ashes urned
If im not
I must be
A fly
A crumb
Master of
I must be
With an empty
A shell of
Without a
Kelsey Oct 2020
Whats the point of life

          When you cant do anything right
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