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Lim Peh Jun 23
30.5 days to solidify a habit so by the time we get back to the place we will be back in the UK and we have a team to do patching and a few days of wishing that the carpark would be a better bet than a good friend
Lim Peh Apr 21
Always beginning,
But I never finish it.
At least I still tried.
Untitled. It took me a month to publish it.
Lim Peh Feb 8
Upon the realisation
of what we are not,
we already are.
Quantum Physics, Philosophy, stuff is interesting I guess.
Lim Peh Dec 2018
Don't just listen,
try to hear.
Within the mirror,
The eyes are clear.

No buts, maybes, ifs or whys.
Doesn't matter how hard you try.
When there is no point,
of which you can reference.
To which solidly you have already defined.

"What?" is the question to ask,
For identity of that which brings you sleepless nights,
and anxious days, and hurried breathing, your heart is beating, the hands are shaking, the mind is begging, for the moments of which finally you stop.

For it is seperate, after all.
It identifies as I, me, and my.
Oblivious to that which is deep inside,
The primal emotions, of wanting to thrive.

What is happening?
The pouring of soul, from deep within, the rivers will flow.
But guard your self, from the depths of unconsciousness.
And cherish the precious moments of thinking alone.
The point when you face what you've always feared, you will be glad and you will cheer.

When you finally see it for what it is,
Fear of the Unknown.
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Lim Peh Sep 2018
"They make a dollar.
While I make a dime.
That's why I always ****,
On company time."

Why do you waste your life
Making dimes and quarters
When you can spend your mind and time
To go make some dollars
Lim Peh Sep 2018
But deep down, I already know that I don't apply myself enough. The actions I prioritize and choose to make of my own volition are not in alignment what I think is ideal for me.

Choosing to play a victim battling against his demons, with countless ups and downs. The story never hitting the ******, in fear and anxiety of what unknown variables comes after.

As I know to be true whenever I am down, I will go up. But when I am up, I do not take the actions to progress upwards even further because I don't want to increase the expectations of myself. So I am happy with these hollow meaningless victories against the "torments" of my mind.
It is not poem. It is prose. Yeah I guess.
Lim Peh Sep 2018
Somehow I get a feel of what Da Vinci means by "The sadness will last forever."

The good thing is, I won't.
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