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3d · 44
The gardener
You must tend to your body
as you tend to your garden.
Your body is from the earth,
and sustains your mind
Though we now lay miles apart
With every thought you fill my heart,
With every smile you steal my breath
I will love you until  death
6d · 451
Sleep song
To my love, who rests unwell
I send you love, I cast my spell
To weave sweet waters from the deep
I'll smooth the worries from your sleep
Let the darkness be my arms
Have faith in me, to ward off harms
So lay your weary self in bed
And let sweet dreams fill your head
If you lie in heaven or hell,
I'll tend you gently, I'll love you well
Apr 23 · 38
Towards the void
MsAmendable Apr 23
The words escape me,
Pushed as breath forced from beaten lungs
****** past my lips into vacuum
Trying to convey what left me breathless
Apr 23 · 46
MsAmendable Apr 23
Night falls into my embrace
My bed softens the fall to sleep
Moonlight washes across my face
And lessens the darkness of the deep
Apr 23 · 40
MsAmendable Apr 23
You went away, and I followed behind,
On mountains you shone like a star.
I couldn't lose you; you were stuck in my mind 

You were always too close and too far
Apr 23 · 37
MsAmendable Apr 23
Kindness misleads
All who stumble to the dark
Light, like fire, burns and
Oppresses the naïve trust
Present in the hopeful
Soul, but slowly dashed to death
In an insidious 
Apr 23 · 92
MsAmendable Apr 23
Each succeeding sonnet sways me no more
Than did the first
The rain taps it's fingers against the window,
The sounds of light half-echo
And slake my thirst
Apr 23 · 34
Comforting embrace
MsAmendable Apr 23
The darkness has always been that gentle softness to embrace and soothe my worn heart, oft burned from ravages of daylight

Soothing and sweet, you hold more than any eye could comprehend

But possibly, the depths to which
My heart will extend
Dec 2021 · 554
I Wish, (Desire)
MsAmendable Dec 2021
I crave that which I should not consider
It is no measure of my ability ;
Except, perhaps, the fragility of my heart.
On a whim, I could feel that warm embrace
At once so near and yet so far apart
But no! my life's path leads me away from her temptation
I am resolute.
And yet..
My mind often travels to when we met
Two beings aloof and opposed -
Until the damning touch
Of soft velvet
You'd laugh if I told you
Nov 2021 · 524
MsAmendable Nov 2021
We are made of starlight and shadows,
Shining despite our darkness,
Laughing against the night
Nov 2021 · 647
MsAmendable Nov 2021
Life is like the air;
Always changing, always moving,
We breathe it in with ever-gasping lungs
It sustains us,
Keeps us moving, keeps us going
Keeps us changing.
It flows around us, through us
In us.
I love the storm.
It fills the sky with power
Becomes a masterpiece of air;
The wind ripping through the trees,
Swirling skittering leaves left scattered 
To dance on wet grey pavement 
The unassuming air reigns supreme 
Lord of the elements,
Firey and wild
Nov 2021 · 472
MsAmendable Nov 2021
The moment passed
Before I knew it was gone
I kissed you
It did not hesitate as I had;
A Traveller,  midway
It had already gone

You did not kiss back
Oct 2021 · 791
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Before the world came darkness
And at its end was peace,
But chaos calmly churned between,
A violent masterpiece
Oct 2021 · 96
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Say hello to my tomorrow
When mercy ends today,
Raise your arms to embrace sorrow
As life's last love dies away
Oct 2021 · 52
MsAmendable Oct 2021
I can see the end beginning
When the beginnings begin to end
This wild winter wind is softly winning,
My blood, tears, and snow will blend
Oct 2021 · 255
Autumn twilight
MsAmendable Oct 2021
The thin skeleton trees 
in midnight blue dresses
Sway in the sparkling streets,
And reach their arms to the sky
Some still boast a firey red,
And blow Ruby kisses from high
Oct 2021 · 36
MsAmendable Oct 2021
We choose
Until our choices
Make us
Oct 2021 · 39
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Love in a mist
Tiptoe through shadow
Unuseful mystery-
Useful mystery;
Unuseful clarity
Sep 2021 · 81
MsAmendable Sep 2021
And yet
Amidst the torments
And torrents of tragedies
I've had your arms to fall into
Each night, when I fall
Sep 2021 · 41
Upon graduation
MsAmendable Sep 2021
I suffered a quiet death
And in its quietness I was left
Filled with the sensations of
Displacement and non-existence

I graduated alone in a small room
From where I have now been evicted
All my cumulations of efforts
Have crumbled, unremarked, into dust

My sandcastles have been swallowed quietly by the ocean
And I, their queen, drown with them
Sep 2021 · 147
MsAmendable Sep 2021
I see my face mostly
Reflected in the cradle of my palms
When my distractions cease.
I know I should go, but I
Cannot release
Sep 2021 · 38
The return
MsAmendable Sep 2021
It kept building, in the way all things do
Like a rising crescendo.
It took one and half years to break me:
The distance, the disease,
The divorce
The accumulation of pennies in my jar,
One for each heartbreak
I am become afraid of my own kitchen,
Of too many noises
Of trusting things I thought were mine,
My stability crumbles on sandy foundations
The tighter I hold, the greater the cold.
Its not within me yet,
but the many lashed open wounds
Might yet grant entry
To fill the warm spaces that were emptied
A bloodless, blood loss eviction
I write this to stand guard
Against new tennants

And I am afraid
They may have already arrived
Or perhaps
They never left
Jul 2018 · 240
MsAmendable Jul 2018
Some days it seems
The gleaming city across the river
Is not just built of glass, but mirrors
I see myself in every face I pass,
I do not go there often
Jul 2018 · 198
Dear hands
MsAmendable Jul 2018
Dear hands,
You have created me
As I have created with thee,
Not quite fine,  my dear
It's time,  my dear
to change.

And now,  
as sunlight turns to dusk,
Though you've scribed me in the dust
Peerless portrait on the floor,
The iron room has locked it's door
Behind me

My friends,  
it's time for me to rest
Though I know you did you best
But the light is growing dim
And you know I cannot swim
In shadow

My art
I had scrawled it in the dark
And now it is torn apart
Not quite fine,  my dear
Divine,  my dear
Jun 2018 · 338
MsAmendable Jun 2018
an absence of life.
A disconnection of the soul from the body,
The extrapolation of nothingness
The encroachment of cold
The cessation of zest
Jun 2018 · 337
MsAmendable Jun 2018
Time keeps slipping past
I try to hold on,
But it sits like so much water
In clumsily cupped hands

I am the tip of a restless drill
Backed with the force of inevitablity
Carving endlessly through thick fog,
the blindness of what's to come

I am pushed,  endlessly on
And when I look back I realize only
How distant now, my old reality was
And I'm pushed ever further away

Every moment begins and ends without consent
If I'm ready to relinquish one present for the next,
Every moment passed is a loss to the current of time
Which I Greive,  yet I gain another

She remembers neither my glory nor sin,
In an unmarked world, I am born again
Apr 2018 · 272
MsAmendable Apr 2018
Floating, gloating, bliss
The time floats by,  I miss
My chance, and others fall
Like rain,  like soldiers rain
Other chances,  other glances

I float away
Apr 2018 · 8.1k
After they burn the books
MsAmendable Apr 2018
We dance in the ashes like
Literary scavengers.
In the ruins and after rages
We draw the shreds of words and pages
Around our naked bodies like Blankets,
A quilt of the quintessential struggle
Which all people suffer
I'm not sure if I posted this before,  but it's have been a while. I wrote this not too long after reading "the Book Theif" which was wonderful
MsAmendable Apr 2018
Perhaps I mightve been a lobster
My backwards spine and plate,
Perhaps as human I am fitter
Perhaps maybe,  a good deal bitter
The stars dance looping circles
Casting their lives brightly,  tightly around
And I am stardust,  true,  and you
As well were once a star.
We could've been lobsters,  but
We lived,  and came so far
And so's our fate
Mar 2018 · 140
MsAmendable Mar 2018
The end of life
Is also
The end of death
Nov 2017 · 190
MsAmendable Nov 2017
When all things are gone
Death will die
And life will begin again
Oct 2017 · 325
Walking home in Autumn
MsAmendable Oct 2017
A frizz of hair and froth of cloudy breath
Walk down the dimly lit, puddled mirror
Of wet sidewalks
Shushed by the rush of the stampede
of bullets that shoot along beside
Pushed by an exodus of ex bus surplus minds
Flowing with the tide

Feathers flit and twitter overhead
With sticks and bits to make their bed
A sparse sea for company
Drops down to flow alongside me
And wet the grass
Which grows between the sidewalk slits
And rocky pothole pits
Beside the dark leaf stains and plodding feet
That beat a slow, releived retreat
From crowded bus seat
Feb 2017 · 453
Teaspoons and rings
MsAmendable Feb 2017
I measured my life in teaspoons and rings
And every flap of my tethered bird wings.
I spent my best treasures on diamonds and gold
So now as I age,  I fear I grow old

I counted my days as labour and sleep
the former came easy,  the latter a feat
I forgot the stories my mother once told
And now as I age, I fear I grow old

Once I was younger, sweet as a bell
But as I grew up,  another part fell
I used to be clever,  a dreamer and bold
But now at my age,  I've already grown old

I warn you my dear,  before it's too late
Do not be a fool to glitter and fate
The world is an oyster, but pearls are so cold
Turn your eyes to the skies, before you get old
Dec 2016 · 508
MsAmendable Dec 2016
Tonight I cried.
I cried for every soft and tender touch
You left me with,  my hands that
Once held yours now tear my hair
I mourn your kiss upon my lips,
My cheek,  my ear;  your head upon my heart
My palms once yours,  now cup my tears-
The smiles and laughs are gone
The silly things and playful
things that we once shared, are gone
And Your smiling face that buried in my hair
When hugs were held,  the jokes you telled
Still whispered in my ear and
I wish that you were here,  and
I only want you here
Sep 2016 · 398
Cities and skies
MsAmendable Sep 2016
I see the skies within your eyes
And oceans in the underneath
Do you ever get the feeling
Like summertime stuck in your teeth?
The stars they shine, like candlelight
Holding vigil through the night
I hear the wind, like whispers fade
A story for another day
the cities fall down...With fire
And forgotten enemies, oh
They burnt... with desire
A city built on locks and keys..
A scrap of song I put together..
Sep 2016 · 663
MsAmendable Sep 2016
The rain falls like sleep
A wide expanse of watery beams
Filled with rowdy expectations
Rolling 'round like misty dreams
Sep 2016 · 475
The living masquerade
MsAmendable Sep 2016
Sometimes I wake up
And pretend that I'm better
Put on my mask, and pull on my sweater,
It feels like a hug, and safety,
And lately, I could use some love,
So I smile in the mirror
After I hide in concealer
So im safer, not freer
Hi, this is 'me',
why don't you meet her?
Another old poem... it's funny, the things you learn about yourself from what you forgot you wrote...
MsAmendable Sep 2016
Words and pictures, pictures and words
They burn, churn, yearn
They flow over me, smoothing and
scraping my edges like pebbles in a stream
In my dreams,
I sleep with my notebook
To write the weird, wacky words
Washing through my pebbles of a mind
Late at night, I write
Not quite under the stars, away too far,
Since when has my window been too far?
Since I keep my blinds shut in the morning
I'm mourning, words
Tempt, taunt, taint, tease
Write, observe, release
Pouring through pen ink on pages to touch
Maybe your heart, and maybe your dreams
Words; more than letters
Could ever hope to be
I found this in a notebook I lost a year or two ago, and decided to post it (:
Aug 2016 · 631
The watchman
MsAmendable Aug 2016
A tree
Like a weary man, waits.
His proud spine refusing to bend
He stands, arms outstretched
Hands reaching to the unforgiving sky,
His tired limbs sway, but he stands
Refusing to succumb,
His legs planted firmly, defiant
Of the world, it seems, he stands
Where no other dare,
Precarious on the rocks,
Strong against the wind
His breath drawn thick and white
Around his face like a scarf,
Watching and waiting,
To stand forever alone
Aug 2016 · 300
MsAmendable Aug 2016
There was an unearthly quality to the light; Somthing that settled not quite
Over the solid and soft-edged shapes,
Lavender in the sun's goodnight
The ethereal coolness drapes
Almost lovingly over the fevered sky
The solid, steady world giving way
To somthing gentle, far away
Aug 2016 · 223
Tongue tied
MsAmendable Aug 2016
Talking in tongues,
The train of thought
Running in loops
Breathless lungs
Exhale, air caught
Head droops
Aug 2016 · 269
MsAmendable Aug 2016
Do I dare disturb the universe?
I do not think that they will see me.
I have measured my life in coffee spoons
And hollow men,
But with these deliberate disguises
I should be glad of another death,
To purge the sores on innocent tongues,
This waiting is wanting!
Your eyes have their silence, true
But so do dying stars.
There is no rest for a lost boy,
Who searches for love
That was cast to the sea
Jul 2016 · 844
MsAmendable Jul 2016
Open the doors and purge
The stream of bleary people
A flood, pressing for escape
The eternal escape
And fighting the belated urge
To run
Jul 2016 · 367
MsAmendable Jul 2016
Soft, the night,
As liquid air heals
The ravages of day
The red sun burns
And lights the tiresome path,
But rest now, my darling
Under the gentle wrap of night
Water for the weary
Sleep, my darling, sleep
Jul 2016 · 578
MsAmendable Jul 2016
The brontide words
Of a wounded man
Echo still,
From when they began
In this place.
A voice, not his!
But an Injured man anew
Casting the echoes back
To the stranded,
The echoes remain
Repeated in a new voice
From another wounded man
With brontide dreams
Jul 2016 · 732
The way the world works
MsAmendable Jul 2016
You cannot burn fire.
Or drown water
since its ALREADY TRUE.

Death cannot die,
For he is already dead
Jul 2016 · 475
A city near the sea
MsAmendable Jul 2016
Thick white clouds
Drown rolling mountains;
Gone before the first cold fingers
Can touch the wind-whipped water
Jul 2016 · 320
MsAmendable Jul 2016
I felt the first kiss
Of a pain so familiar,
I welcome the loss
Before it begins;
The knife in place
I mourn my pace
Too soon, I cry,
Too soon.
Not sure if I already posted this
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Strength in solitude
MsAmendable Jul 2016
The silence of the world
As I wander it alone,
Love it's warmth in solitude
The sky shall be my fortitude
And the sun; my sweet embrace,
The dew a kiss, and leaves a face,
The wind my friend and brother,
Why would I need another?
As I travel this world alone.
Yea, I haven't posted in a while
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