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David M Harry May 2022
Let this hymn beneath an ebony sky
Be the breath of angels upon our skin.
A song of scripture and silence
written upon your body and mine.
My head upon your breast on this night and your lips upon my mind.
Our breaths swirling like a sacred fragrance
are everything I need to know of love.
Kushal Nov 2020
Maybe the timing was wrong,
Or maybe it was perfect
For what's to come.
lucas Jun 2020
The idiot couldn’t believe his phone, that his heart’s text were all gone,
His hearty smile was now a frown, cold and lost like a noseless clown,
So he begged the rain and he begged the sun, Her heart’s of gold and skin so brown,
Even told the sun that her *** was grown, Sun did smile and the rain poured down
so it’s in his tears, he’d almost drown, for his heartfelt empty like a brideless gown.
Ben Apr 2020
The tide hides the shore
But if you have the patience to wait
Slowly, it will recede, revealing the most
Beautiful parts, the most sensitive parts
The parts few others ever get to see
mariompoetry Sep 2019
The imperfection
Exists in comparison.

The perfection
Exists in freedom
To be
What you are
As you are.
mariompoetry Sep 2019
Love is freedom to be and to let be.
Javanne Feb 2019
Tousled silk sheets
My hands meld
In to yours

You wished for roses
And so it was granted
A dozen or so

You pleaded for our tongues
To tango in unison
but our hips had other plans

You straddled my temptation
kept an

For us, it is never night
Just the inverse
Of a universe
That was made
For us and our delights

So for our ******
I thank
The Valentines of the past
For allowing
A true Goddess
To find their equal
On earth!
A/N: I hope you're not lactose intolerant because I've serving you cheese this valentines.
Javanne Jan 2019
I think you know
where I'm going with this
I'm not in love with you

I mean yeah
You look exciting and exhilarating
Like the finest of wines in fancy glasses
The best in a dress that happens to be
Red like those songs

I think they're about seduction
Which you encompass
I must stop
Because all I'm doing is
Making my case bad
Look I'm not in love with you

Sure you
Take my eyes and
Glue them to your breathtaking smile
And other places
That make my imagination
Run wild
I am beguiled
At how I'm still carrying on
But still
I'm not in love with you

I mean
I enjoy your mind
and everything it decides
To tell me
It soothes me
Knowing that you
Choose me to be the one
That you vent to
It's true
There is no other mind
I'd listen so intently to

But still
I say
I'm not in love with you
Javanne Jan 2019
Let us talk
About how flowers
And Perfume
Are a waste on you
Because your scent
Is already striking
And winsome

I'm liking the way
You never stray
From the moon
And how you gaze
At it's sheer luminescence
Even though you yourself
Outshine it

A blessing
Is what I murmur to you
You say it's not true
But do not be modest
I'm being honest
And the best is
That you
Are the only being
I cherish

In this moment
This very moment
Right now
As my eyes fumble
Before finding yours

I smile
Knowing that you
Are all I could ever hope for
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