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Sep 2020 · 196
the shadow underneath
crowther Sep 2020
I can see how not many people couldn’t get it
I can see how I demand the attention but at what cost?
Uncertainty is a game for the conscious, those who are unconscious are innocent
It’s easy not knowing but then again, I crave
Of imagery, beauty, adoration
The shadow who smiles wickedly, cackles underneath
It was never that what I seek but it’s a must
Is that how we suppose to live? The shadow will do so in order to sustain
The imagery, beauty, and adoration
But at what cost you ask? Nothing
Just shame, pain, and the shadow cackles again wickedly
Aug 2020 · 158
thoughts through the night
crowther Aug 2020
rustic brain calls upon late a night, wishing things will be done by the breaking of dawn.

oh, how i wish these sleepless nights could end in a spur. for years i have calculated, but have not documented those hideous moments to ever enter my sight. everywhere i look, a bickering thought arrives as if a group of chattering teeth lines through my mind when i'm suppose to be at rest.

in this shallow moment, let this end.
in this shallow moment, let's stop crying silently in our bed.

and as the morning rises, we could see brightly of the horizon. forgetting it for awhile until it crawls through at night. an unending cycle that causes a lot of fright. as if our brains lingers to the thought too tight.

rustic brain will soon heal
or so, or just life's haunting thrill
a prose
Jan 2020 · 288
the author and her pen
crowther Jan 2020
every book has its own story to tell. but ours are way behind the bookshelf; untouched, unread, and all dusty. its rotten roots had crumpled and seizes to the temptation of dying. yet, here i am, trying to find the perfect ink to fill this pen. if i try other inks, our story would smudge and would turn out to be messy. i would still try to write even though there are smudges all the way. i still try to pave the perfect story that you and i would find it interesting. and trying for you does not matter. so here we are— untouched, unread, and all dusty.
a prose.
Nov 2019 · 606
crowther Nov 2019
you've read my words
and count them
a waste of time
cause your life's a lime
what a shame
to contribute
relaying the pettiness
and silliness
what a pity
care to share my sighs?
cause i've counted them too
my existence is a mere reminder
of your silliness
oh what a pity indeed
why try pulling of your sleeve
Nov 2019 · 350
crowther Nov 2019
and if you see me

cruising in the depths of unknown. it's cause i was seeking for the thing that you were looking for. you tried to look unto others the uniqueness that i cannot even fathom. you've given up your smile to those people who were unworthy to see you happy. they'd replace with pain that you'd still long to keep. but, how dare i to conquer this? it's cause i was selflessly caring for you while you keep dragging yourself to the fools.
a prose
Nov 2019 · 244
crowther Nov 2019

we both know that I am nothing to you. but you are something to me. I am just a speck wandering yet you make me sparkle out of nowhere. you touched my weeping heart with your ecstatic hands that tickles to call out being alive. but, you've touched so many, I thought I was special. or was just that feeling that people crave and you sought to fill those but not to me. I linger away that fuzz for I know it was only temporary. I better have the coffee I have every day. It gives the same feeling but it lacks you anyway.
a prose
Jun 2019 · 506
crowther Jun 2019
an appalled
wished to be
by happiness
and soulful

she carried
the heaviest
weight of
unease that
people would throw
with the foundation
of unfaithful bliss
wished to be sowed

rough edges
and pathways to cross
she swore to herself
they are not
a big loss
Apr 2019 · 380
crowther Apr 2019
thoughts boggled in
as your heart thumps within
the silent waves that only you can hear
the walls have glistened as the voices arrived
it was out of nowhere
you'll feel the motion; petrified
she who suffers has profound chaos
Mar 2019 · 204
crowther Mar 2019
I've sense your symphony
It was her you linger
I couldn't see what was missing
that you left me unwanted

I couldn't sense the certainty
Is it all a web of lie?
questions summed up
rolled up to one;
was it all true or is it just to let my heart fly?

my heart is aching
from the fall that wasn't caught
I do not know
If I should've fought for it or was right for letting go
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
what i see
crowther Mar 2019
I wonder how they see you
how they describe the great you
would they see things like I do?
would they say what I would I say?

I say you're a flower
gently dancing in the fields of beauty
I say you're a violin
you fiddle away the unwanted mellow in my life

would they see that? I hope so
In my heart you're more than what you are
I see you, clear and bright
with beauty ignite
Mar 2019 · 292
crowther Mar 2019
I've seen the bright new colors of tomorrow
because you're in it
I see wonder and hope everyday
because you gave me the will to fight
I wasn't the best
yet you choose me
so I manage to control the hues
ordinarily, you set them up
but I should contain everything
to keep things at its finest
uncertainty glued in every surface

— The End —