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crowther Nov 2019
you've read my words
and count them
a waste of time
cause your life's a lime
what a shame
to contribute
relaying the pettiness
and silliness
what a pity
care to share my sighs?
cause i've counted them too
my existence is a mere reminder
of your silliness
oh what a pity indeed
why try pulling of your sleeve
Poetic T Aug 2019
Talc snowstorms,
      Footprints show there voyage.

        Artistic canvas of scribbles,  

On my newly painted wall.

Children the adventure  
                of imagination.

Lovingly exhausted parents..
Broadsky May 2018
I feel like I'm going to puke.
I'm feeling as crazy as driving down your street at 2am blaring my car horn. This is the first we've spoken in months and it feels good. This diaphram strain hasnt been holding me back from singing in the shower, singing our song. Whatever that may be. You wounded me in ways I feel I'll never heal from, I'm down to my last cigarette and I want to smoke it- I got my license so I can get more, maybe ill keep driving and driving til I see your house and your new unfamiliar car parked in front of it. You move me in ways I never expected and I haven't moved your way in what feels like decades.
I love you.
You replied.

— The End —