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Byron Aug 10
I do not wish to end my speech with a dot or a coma,
I only wish for my speech to be heard loud and clear.
I may not be able to wish for a second chance for my speech,
And still, I will hold on until the bruises are gone,
And tears are no more.

He, who wished for his words to be heard,
She, who came to his life like an angel in the sky,
They became one like day and night as a whole.
No Life, No Worries!

No to Life, yet you are still fighting.
No to Worries, yet you are unease.
You are the hero in your own story,
You are loved in every pain

I will find the answer
For my ineffable life,
I will surpass the wall
To see the beauty on the other side

My speech is about to end,
How I wish for it not to end.
But that is life in every angle,
You just have to see through it.
First Poem. I even used this at school and gave the best poem speech ever.

Y'all can follow me through socials: IG & Twitter - justbyronx
Nylee May 14
it is cheese.

what unease
I feel
the beats heart sound.

my eyes heavy
eyes on screen
the streets empty
it is a beautiful movie scene.

reality so blurred
holes in my dreams
I am running away
while staying in my body
not many people see through
the words I don't mean.

the sun is setting
the birds are loud
what they chirp
I agree with them.

it is incomplete
don't they say
don't face away
it is on me
my burden to carry
and I can't do it.
rosie Apr 14
in the year before,
I had a spark;
an impulse;
a phase, if you will

I attempted to learn
a very challenging instrument;
it was something I tried to pursue

over time
it got increasing difficult
to keep up with two passions
at once

I feel immensely
of letting that spark
burn out
perhaps I feel
as if I had failed somehow

I must be crazy to feel guilt over something
as simple as an instrument

I feel this... unease
this jealousy

these weird emotions strangle me
over something as simple
yet complex
as the violin
It does certainly feel weird when you put in so much commitment over something and then over time just watch it shatter and fall. It feels so... pathetic to feel this way.
It does, however, make room for self improvement.
Nylee Oct 2019
I am parched
Following the craze
I am dying with hunger
But walking towards
the wrong direction
I am famished
feeling the thirst increase
dying with unease
cannot find what I need
In the places where I am searching
Lake Sep 2019
the forecast says that it will rain
but right now the sky looks the same
we might not even see grey clouds
but let's not worry about that now

cause the rain will come one day
but that day is not today
and i'm not trying to delay
don't you get me wrong

i know i can't pretend
i know that it all ends
when it slips away from my hands
i hope i'll be gone

keeping safe in the meantime
that's a tape you can't rewind
don't know what tomorrow brings
can't let go of anything
Lake Aug 2019
something's not right
what happened last night
i can't recall your name
something's not fine
i don't know why
but i won't play your game

why are you so cryptic
don't you know i'll miss it
why you leaving hints babe
did you mean it this way

puzzle pieces everywhere
scattered pieces here and there
leaving all these breadcrumbs
all over this bedroom
no space in my headroom
assuming you exist still
assuming that it's all real
it's something i can go with
but now i can't control it
now it's out hand
i don't understand it
help me to expand it
crowther Jun 2019
an appalled
wished to be
by happiness
and soulful

she carried
the heaviest
weight of
unease that
people would throw
with the foundation
of unfaithful bliss
wished to be sowed

rough edges
and pathways to cross
she swore to herself
they are not
a big loss
Darryl M May 2019
I knew I had to take you out the moment I saw you.
You told me, ‘in my dreams.’
What do you think I’ve been doing?
You’re the girl of my dreams.
Oops, I’m awake, I guess I prefer the real you.
I don’t have to say much, I just have to say enough.
But with you, what is enough?

You’re everything that shuts a guy down.
Everything that seethes glaciers.
Everything that turns me on.

I don’t want to have children.
But I see my heirs in your eyes.

I love you, and that scares you.
Maybe the real reason you’re scared, is because you want me too.
Amateur Sonnet
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Feeling overwhelmed
A wave of nausea grows
My mind now pulses
Suddenly Im feeling super sick...
Not even aspirin is helping so go be safe,
I'm gonna hit the hay and post the freeverse tomorrow.
Sorry guys :(
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn ***
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