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Nalinee Aug 2020
False hopes
Found scope
Fiddling with the truth
Capriccio Dec 2019
Hey little fiddle
I drink too much
You smoke too little

I met your mom
And your dad
Your little sister is EMOtional
Groundhogs day sad

I talk without reason
Left a bad man
For his treason

Let go of obscurity
To find the one thing I gotta be


So hey little fiddle
Your moods swing from
American Rag-Tag

So play your notes
Take your tallies
I'll count votes

Hey little fiddle
Check out this finger
For you, right here
In the middle
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2019
My brother was a lion at home,
Protecting his family fiercely.
An eagle as a supervisor in the factory,
His eyes everywhere.
An ant, always busy never taking rest,
He was a cat and monkey,calm and agile,
He loved children,
He was a dove and a kitten with them,gentle and playful.
He loved swimming and was a fish in water,
He had won many national awards.
He was a fiddle but a wolf too,
Fit but always hungry,
He loved pizzas and anything that was barbecued.
He had his bad points too,
He was an eel, slippery,
Never committing  himself to anything,
He was also a mule, very obstinate .
And when he saw cockroaches,
He brought the house down,
Became a ghost, white sheet.
crowther Mar 2019
I wonder how they see you
how they describe the great you
would they see things like I do?
would they say what I would I say?

I say you're a flower
gently dancing in the fields of beauty
I say you're a violin
you fiddle away the unwanted mellow in my life

would they see that? I hope so
In my heart you're more than what you are
I see you, clear and bright
with beauty ignite
K Balachandran Jun 2018
rain bird serenades,
Squirrels play second fiddle;
ravens party-****!
he has a penchant
for tinkering with stuff
if given half the chance
he'd tinker with his navel fluff

I've seen him tinkering
with working order stuff
that doesn't need any tinkering
put upon its cuff

some while back he
decided to have a tinker
with a room partition at the hall
and as a result of his
non essential tinkering
down came the east facing wall

tinkering is an occupation
of the tampering ******
unnecessarily touching stuff
with an interfering fiddle
Arcassin B Feb 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Too late to call,
Deliberately passionate about how you've been doing,
Crossing fingers in hopes that you don't see someone else and give all of your fruit and your veggies to them,
Putting yourself on the line for them,
Waste all your time with them,
Make me jealous in utter Requiem.

Stone cold blind men could see you from miles away admiring all that you are in a world where some will degrade,
Fight the sun if you gone from the shade,
The Sweat and the pain to be thrown to the wolves and sheeple eludes to the people that don't give a care about what is actually really important to see and look forward to, this corrupted world got a hold of you,
But I still love you,
You're delightful,
Hot like the summer,
So insightful,
Wait am I degrading a little? the situation is belittled, playing fiddle.
johnny was playing
when he beat

eyelids blink

you will
catch me
just remember
we are the fiddle

we still
love you
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