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crowther Nov 2019
you've read my words
and count them
a waste of time
cause your life's a lime
what a shame
to contribute
relaying the pettiness
and silliness
what a pity
care to share my sighs?
cause i've counted them too
my existence is a mere reminder
of your silliness
oh what a pity indeed
why try pulling of your sleeve
EG Jan 2019
I swear I ******* hate your guts and I hate the way this feels
I wish you could listen to what I'm saying
instead your cause all this rage and sadness
is not what I pictured for us, not what I imagined
I thought giving you a beautiful little girl
would soften you up but all it made me
realize is that you just don't give a ****.
girasol Jan 2019
i hope she knows
someone else loves you
more than she ever will
Ryan V Apr 2017
You cared for nothing degrading each unknown gracious soul a nameless acquaintance as a victim in the wake of your lifelong search for self-affirmation leading to naught. How I hope you slink into the suicidal tidal waves of darkness you deserve. How I find myself hoping to get the chance of one final gluttonous glance seeing the shock sewn into your timeless mask staring out of the casket as just another casualty of conceded conceit and craving. How I relish in the feeling of the the grass of your grave growing from your physical spoils springing between my tickled toes raising my vengeful vitality up my spine until it erupts upward as unbound laughter at the man you thought you might have been. Aye, Good riddance to the dead and may you rot in your own insipid stench like the **** stained lining of your soul.
A little hate poetry never hurt nobody. Better let out with pen than with fist.
Lee May 2016
I don’t trust most teachers
Not because they give us homework or test
But because they claim to be our guide
To help us in school and life
They practically beg us to come to them
But when someone finally gets the courage to ask for help
Teachers laugh them off
Or say they’re too busy

They preach lies and expect us to accept it
They are so filled with self-pride
That they can’t see the pain they bring to others
Too many kids have left classes crying
Feeling as though they aren’t worth anything
Because when they turn stuff in
The teacher looks at it
And hands it back with a smile and says
It’s not worth a grade

Teachers are meant to be examples
But I can’t trust a single word that comes out their mouths
You don’t wanna be here
I don’t wanna be here
So why make us both suffer

Teachers deceive students into thinking they care
They’ll stay after school to “help you”
But once the going actually gets tough they bounce
Why would us students ever trust a liar like that?
I’m still waiting for all their pants to catch on fire

Don’t tell me I’m too young to be upset
How would you feel if all you’ve known for 12 years was a lie?
My words and feelings are important
But teachers have trained us to believe other wise
I don’t understand why you want us to be this way
Maybe because it’s too much fun to see our smiles fall to the ground
Rather than raising them up to the sun
I’m not asking for the moon and the stars
Just peace and a smile

Too many days I want to cry
When the bell rings before that one class
Because that class doesn’t have a lesson plan
It has a plan for destruction
Counting the smiles that walk in
And the tears that storm out

Now don’t get it twisted
There are some good teachers out there
Maybe one or two
But you and I both know the bad outweighs the good
Sometimes the darkest hole of despair is more comfortable
Than these beige brick walls
I rather be alone
Then be surrounded by enemies I am not allowed to fight back

So if you ask me why I don’t trust these teachers
It’s because my momma always told me
Never believe anyone that smiles in your face
And tells you a bold face lie
iamnoone Dec 2015
I'm happy not to have your love,
It's ugly white foam floating on the surface.
I've found my courage to let you go,
And rediscover that my purpose... not with you.

You'll regret choosing dull-wit over me,
But maybe you need control
And you're not as submissive as you lead.
Somebody supplies your bankroll...

...but it's not me.
Molly May 2015

Emma Henderson Dec 2014
Are you as sad as your eyes,
Those dull blue eyes that
tell me you're carrying a dead love
like a heavy carcass
everywhere you go

Are you as weak as your lungs,
those tar-stained lungs that
I thought were going to give out
when you stopped holding your tears back

Are you as lost as your voice,
that husky voice that seemed to crack
and fade out, carrying unfinished sentences
as if you had been gagged

I'm sorry,
I cannot hold your heart for you,
wrapped in velvet to keep safe
when you keep letting her
                                            tear it
                                            tear it
                                            tear it apart
like the beer mats that you abused
Skye Mura Dec 2014
You know what *****? YOU. You had to go out into the world and leave me hanging off the edge of it. You always made me happy with the way we'd sing, the way we'd tease each other, the way you'd grumble. You'd always make me frustrated with your repetitive asking of questions, your trust issues, and your sadness. You always mesmerized me by the way we'd lay next to each other. My head on your chest, hands intertwined. Now they're just a big mess and your eyes tell me lies and your smile has evil and your voice is cold and your songs show how much you don't care and your words sound useless. So don't go blaming every wrong I did when you had so many. So many that slithered passed me. So many that wrapped around my neck causing me to break free of the bonds that once held the story of we. Now this chapter has been closed but I'd like to write a sequel in which we see each other once again yet older and much mature. Instead of sloppy hickeys around my *******, why not sweet kisses on my neck. Instead of feeling me, why don't you FEEL me. I want to delete the part where I said I didn't love you and replace it with more stronger phrases like how much you meant the world to me because you lit it up like a fused bomb and molded me into someone I never thought I could be. Now I have to pretend you were nothing. But the pictures  have evidence and the videos have tears wrapped around every time I click 'play' and you make me fall in love by just being the you I always wanted. But I have to remember my needs over wants. So take all you have against me and go away because the rain is leaving also and the smiles of the sun are here to tell me it'll all get better by tomorrow.
Aditi Nov 2014
If this was a bollywood movie
You'd wait for me
And my road would lead me to yours

If this was a bollywood movie
We would have made silent promises
It's either us
Or we are forever on our own

If this was a bollywood movie
My poems would not remain unread
If this was a bollywood movie
Our story would not end like that

If this was a bollywood movie
You would shift the world
Just to see me.
If this was a bollywood movie
You would lift me off my feet
And not simply ....
Go and beg another girl
To love you.

This is not a bollywood movie
Just a sad poem
That will never be finished
Cause the poet
Found a better
Subject to muse over.
You never loved me
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