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I never planted my roots with you
Because the ground was too firm
You had too many rocks

Oh light of my life
How was I meant to grow up
When I was surrounded by ground covers

all around me

How was I meant to bloom
in a garden
that you never cared to water?
I still loved you the most
SMS Aug 2019
You didn’t realize
All the blinds were shut
For once I didn’t care
If you came back or not

You didn’t realize
All the lights were off
For once I didn’t care
If you tripped or not

You didn’t realize
All the pillows were damp
For once i didn’t care
If you knew I was crying or not

But perhaps you didn’t realize
Because you no longer care either
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Whilst laying here wide awake, a thought crossed my mind, what If I didn't wake tomorrow, strange but would I really
The simple answer probably not, what would I really miss obviously family friends my pet cat, but those said what else
would I
I can't come up with another answer, then how
about the world we live well not the state It In
not worth the time of
I'm of cause planning on being here tomorrow this Is purely a what If? but just an Interesting thought
to be going on
Crazy thought would I really care If there were no tomorrow would I be overly bothered probably not
My soul separates from my being when you are not with me
when you hug another my heart faints, falling deep down my guts
something start stopping me from breathing

I can't think straight at any given time
I am volatile to my own expressions
My emotions can not be contained within me

My mind needs to be set off from my deepest worries
Somethings jealousy can **** a man, Most especially an insecure  man
kyle Shirley Oct 2017
... And so, the cycle begins a new,
How shallow I feel not here with you.
Lies I tell myself to sleep at night
Toss and turn, you were my only light.
Here I sow with another.
She tries but yet I still feel smothered.
Empty inside it seems to feel
Every day is a battle that I'm trying to heal.
Jessica Forbes Jan 2017
I've seen that look so many times
I was bothered at first sight
I blink an eye at the thought of you
I was terrified inside
I never wanted to feel this way
I'm tired of walking away
Now I'm so afraid
for I was bothered that it's bothering me.
Cup Noodles Jul 2016
I could spend an eternity
alone on this island
with only a string and hook
and still catch feelings
instead of fishes
Gita Feb 2016
The world has moved on and I am fixated on one **** detail. A blank stare that lasted maybe two seconds before he carried on with his work. The look was indescribable because the expression was void of emotion. This is incredibly ridiculous, but I am so horrifically bothered by it. That **** expression. This **** minor occurrence has somehow managed to ruin my day. But here's the thing - this is routine for me. I know myself too well. I will be incredibly self-conscious from now on in that space. So many things go past that man, but my stupid digressions didn't. I am a victim of over-analysis. I will patiently wait for the day my memory will finally let this go.
Penthesilea Dec 2015
Feelings can be ignored because it's a choice.
You can choose what to feel.
But ignoring feelings are like an itch you want to scratch,
a thread that is visibly hanging loose that you want to pull or the urge to sneeze.*
*Feelings can be ignored, but they will always come to bother you.
You can ignore feelings, but you can't deny that you are feeling them.
You can't deny that you have feelings for the boy who keeps ignoring you or the girl who keeps saying 'no' to you. Ignore them all you want :)
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