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Styles Apr 16
Her eyes lie to me,
as much as they entice me.
Either way,
I am her's
for the
I struggled in the past
To write a respectable rhyme
More I create the harder it gets
Have to put in increasing time
But this is the first time in months
By far the most in years
Inspired I have felt
It's all thanks to my tears
Bad news is I'm crying
That means more pain
Root of excellence isn't sunshine
For me it's pouring rain
Meaning hidden in the suffering
Can't feel good 100% of the time
Otherwise things wouldn't feel good at all
Without other to compare it to
Is no difference between short and tall
I express better in shades of sorrow
Than I do in colorful rainbows and bliss
Negative emotions waiting in my soul
I try to verse happiness
Doesn't come out sounding truly authentic
That's because it's forced
Words meant to gallop freely
Not corralled
I suffer writers block in moments of peace
In a way I'm grateful we are apart
Won't lie and say I'm not bothered by it
At least the result is some beautiful art
Going through this breakup has really brought out my creative side
Spicy Digits Nov 2020
I don't want to write for you,

But for me.

I don't want to dance for them,

I'm nobody.

Always afraid of mediocrity,

so cocky in my 20's.

Now here I am on the couch,

grade B Socrates.

I don't want to impress them.

I just want to stay

In my house, amidst my sheets,

reading Hemingway.
#life #reflection #introvert #authenticity #innerworld #reading
crowther Aug 2020
rustic brain calls upon late a night, wishing things will be done by the breaking of dawn.

oh, how i wish these sleepless nights could end in a spur. for years i have calculated, but have not documented those hideous moments to ever enter my sight. everywhere i look, a bickering thought arrives as if a group of chattering teeth lines through my mind when i'm suppose to be at rest.

in this shallow moment, let this end.
in this shallow moment, let's stop crying silently in our bed.

and as the morning rises, we could see brightly of the horizon. forgetting it for awhile until it crawls through at night. an unending cycle that causes a lot of fright. as if our brains lingers to the thought too tight.

rustic brain will soon heal
or so, or just life's haunting thrill
a prose
I never planted my roots with you
Because the ground was too firm
You had too many rocks

Oh light of my life
How was I meant to grow up
When I was surrounded by ground covers

all around me

How was I meant to bloom
in a garden
that you never cared to water?
I still loved you the most
SMS Aug 2019
You didn’t realize
All the blinds were shut
For once I didn’t care
If you came back or not

You didn’t realize
All the lights were off
For once I didn’t care
If you tripped or not

You didn’t realize
All the pillows were damp
For once i didn’t care
If you knew I was crying or not

But perhaps you didn’t realize
Because you no longer care either
My soul separates from my being when you are not with me
when you hug another my heart faints, falling deep down my guts
something start stopping me from breathing

I can't think straight at any given time
I am volatile to my own expressions
My emotions can not be contained within me

My mind needs to be set off from my deepest worries
Somethings jealousy can **** a man, Most especially an insecure  man
kyle Shirley Oct 2017
... And so, the cycle begins a new,
How shallow I feel not here with you.
Lies I tell myself to sleep at night
Toss and turn, you were my only light.
Here I sow with another.
She tries but yet I still feel smothered.
Empty inside it seems to feel
Every day is a battle that I'm trying to heal.
Jessica Forbes Jan 2017
I've seen that look so many times
I was bothered at first sight
I blink an eye at the thought of you
I was terrified inside
I never wanted to feel this way
I'm tired of walking away
Now I'm so afraid
for I was bothered that it's bothering me.
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